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Help for 'triggers'


Triggered macros are macros that will automatically be executed when the trigger, being any text, is shown in your screen. This is useful when you want to execute one or more commands automatically when something is happening in the game. An example would be withdrawing your weapon from your holster when you are under attack, or answering your phone as soon as you receive a call, then talking on it. Let's see some examples:

Create a macro in the @macros menu with the following commands:
hold 1st progia
answer 1st progia
-Swole squad speaking.

Make it an automatic macro and make the "trigger string" as this:
your Progia-7 gridphone goes '*brrreep* *brrreep*'

The result of this is that everytime you see ANY text containing the trigger string in your screen, the macro will be automatically executed and the three commands will be executed in order (holding the first Progia in your inventory, answering the same Progia, then speaking quietly with a text).

Another example:
Create a macro in the @macros menu with the following commands:
get walther from 1st holster
posture kamikaze

Make it an automatic macro and make the "trigger string" as this:
(combat attacked you)

If you have the combat labels enabled in access, this macro will automatically take the Walther from your first holster and set your combat posture to all-offensive when you are attacked. This has its advantages and disadvantages: you can save precious keystroke times, but sometimes you DON'T want to go all out or use a Walther for a specific combat situation. Macros aren't dynamic, they don't discriminate any circumstances, they only execute the commands you order in a specific order: so use them wisely.

Automatic macros CAN be executed manually. Simply specify the command name as you would do with any regular macro and it will work!

Bear in mind that it is VERY easy to create "infinite loops" by creating macros that evoke an action yielding a text which is the same trigger string. This means that when you first see the trigger string, you can execute an action which will create the same trigger string again, creating an infinite loop. Be careful when doing this! This places a heavy workload on the MOO. Any macros that break this rule will be automatically disabled.

Client side macros and triggers are expressly against the rules. If you are having trouble staying connected and find that you need to send input to the game every now and then, please let us know via xhelp and we can add you to our 'keepalive' list which will send you a ping every now and then.

help macros
*Last Updated: 06/17/18 by Fengshui*
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