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Help for 'trash'

Syntax: trash

Trash is a command that allows you to completely and permanently remove items from the game. It is your character ripping something apart or destroying it: ripping a letter, discarding old clothes, empty packs of cigarettes and six-packs of lagers, and generally other items that have served their intended purpose and finished their life cycle. Some items cannot be trashed due to their complex nature and their value in the game. For example, you cannot trash a 9mm magazine if there are still rounds in it because the item still has a use to it and your character wouldn't be able to get rid of the rounds. However, once all the bullets have been consumed, the empty magazine can NOW be discarded because it has completed its purpose.

Other items such as electronic gadgets, intricate pieces of clothing, armor, weapons, and art, cannot be trashed because they are not "trash" unlike an empty pack of cigarettes, they are items that still serve a purpose and have a value: your character wouldn't be able to just rip a LiteTerm in pieces as if it were a piece of paper. If you want to get rid of those items, there are many alternatives: the markets, recycling them at a chute or selling them to your chummers.

Trashing an item is good! It helps reduce bloat in the MOO because every item is its own unique object and takes space in disk. If you have ten disposable lighters sitting in your closet, you probably don't need eight of them. Trash them and help keep the game fresh and light-weight!
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