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Help for 'tattoo'


Tattoos can be given using special tattoo guns. They require a skill (artistry) to be used by the person giving the tattoo and they may cost money.

Tattoos permanently add to your @nakeds and cannot be removed without being overwritten by a tattoo gun. You can still change the @naked, but only the non-tattoo text will be changed.

If your character is a Tattoo Artist (you should have the artistry skill) then it is advised you use common sense when using the tools provided to you, especially when tattooing your own character.

For example; your character is going to be unable to give themselves an intricate tattoo on their back. Common sense tells you that this is not possible and so you should find another artist to do it for you.


Tattoos must function as tattoos. Make sure your tattoo design reads as a tattoo and has some clear reference that it is in fact a tattoo. (eg: inked, tattooed, a tattoo of, sketched/etched in ink) The tattoo gun is not a piercing gun and should not contain any other objects besides ink.

Tattoo ink should not emanate light, but may reflect it. True holographic ink is not acceptable. Iridescent ink is acceptable as it requires an external light source. Tattoos may not glow in the dark or contain bioluminescence, but may be designed to glow under UV light. This would need to be roleplayed.

Should you wish to incorporate bioluminescence in your tattoo designs, you should pursue biomodification. More details can be discovered in character.

Tattoos may continue across several nakeds (eg: full arm sleeves), but need to be able to also stand alone if only one of the nakeds is exposed.

Example: rshoulder: Etched in ink, a red dragon sprays orange fire outlined in black across %N's right shoulder.
                rarm: Inked scales wrap %p bicep, a clear continuation of a full arm sleeve to form a dragon's belly.
                rhand: A tattooed dragon tail whips across %N's wrist, its fiery tip fanning over the dorsal side.


When giving a tattoo, the artist will need to enter both a Brief message and a Detailed message. The Brief message is shown when someone looks at a whole person (look dude) and the Detailed message is shown when someone looks at a specific part of the person's body (look dude's left arm). The Brief message should be brief; shorter and less descriptive than the longer Detailed message.

If you acquired your tattoos prior to 2/20/2022, your tattoo exists as a single Detailed message. You'll want to use the @upgrade-tats command to upgrade these tattoos to have both the Brief and Detailed messages.


This is not possible.


You may use a tattoo gun to remove a tattoo. You just enter a blank tattoo string when prompted, and it will overwrite the existing tattoo for that area.

You should RP that you are using the tattoo gun to erase the tattoo.


You may never remove a banishment tattoo without engaging the GMs. Even if it is technically possible from a coded perspective, it is not possible from an IC perspective.

ICly a banishment tattoo is a special tattoo using special ink. You can not remove it using a tattoo gun.

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*Last Updated: 11/06/22 by Tangerine*
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