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Help for 'syndicates'


Being in a Syndicate is among the more prestigious positions in the game. Syndicates have a lot of resources but those resources come at the price of hostility from the other syndicates and a higher burden of RP standards from staff. This help-file is intended to outline the expectations of a Syndicate player, so that players aspiring towards this role, or who are already in the role, understand what is expected of them from an OOC standpoint.

Syndicate membership is not an open door. Standards to join are much more stringent than some of our other factions. Membership is exclusive and only given out on consideration from staff. Even a recommendation from a current member is just that, a recommendation. A potential member must display not only good RP and the ability to follow the rules of the game, but they must also be willing to act as a living, totally IC plot hook.

The role of the syndicate players is to act as player-GMs. A PC member should be generating RP for others, whether through hiring runners for double-blind deliveries, developing spy networks, instigating or bankrolling heists, planning kidnappings, murders, and all sorts of micro- and macro-plots. The GMs' selection process for new members is so exacting because of this responsibility.

If a character expresses an active interest in joining a syndicate and meets the RP and rules criteria, GMs will engage in an OOC conversation with them about staff expectations of syndicate members over xhelp.

If a player agrees to these terms and meets the IC criteria (which we won't discuss here) they will be hired as an associate. They will have to prove their worth from that point to earn an actual spot in the syndicate. GMs do not give plots for this. If they have not shown enough initiative in their role after 3 months, they will forfeit their position. If they do enough to stay in the organization, they should work to show their worthiness in a permanent position (architect, enforcer, fixer) to their IC boss.

Once a permanent syndicate member, the player will still need to act as a player GM. They should submit notes regularly documenting their efforts or letting GMs know if they will have reduced availability or are creating a vacation character. If not, staff will conduct an OOC check to inform the player that they are not upholding their end of the position. If the player has not improved after 3 months from the warning, staff will take steps to remove them from the syndicate.

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*Last Updated: 02/25/23 by Fengshui*
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