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Help for 'sic-encryption'


Encryption on the SIC network is done via shared keys. These keys are given keynames so you know which key to use to decrypt the message. The following commands let you add keys, send messages and delete keys. Encrypted messages are sent across the public network. Keep in mind that it costs money for you to generate encryption keys, but it doesn't cost to send encrypted messages because the network doesn't worry about encrypting and decrypting, as it's done in your SIC implant.


'ce+ ':
Adds a with the provided to your list of stored encryption keys. Keys must be 64 characters in length and composed of A-Za-z0-9+/ and no characters can be repeated. You'll generally use this when someone else gives you a key they have generated. Using this command incurs a cost which goes up for each additional key you add.

'ce ':
Using this command will prompt you to confirm you wish to generate a new key (this incurs a chyen cost).


After you generate a key, you'll most likely want to share that key with others. Your keyname/key pairs are displayed when you type 'chelp'. Share the keyname and key with your associates through alternative means (cell, radio, mail, in-person) and they can then add them via the 'ce+' command. SENDING YOUR KEY TO SOMEONE OVER THE SIC WILL RESULT IN THE INABILITY TO UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER.


'ce- ':
Removes the key stored via the provided .


'ce ':
This will publicly transmit a secure using the key stored via the provided . If the provided is not stored, the network will prompt you if you want to generate one, this costs a fee which is added to your carried balance. Once you generate a new key, your message will be sent using it.

'ces ':
ceset (ces for short) is used to set your primary encryption key for use with 'cep'. This makes sending messages on your primary key a breeze!

'cep ':
This will public transmit a secure using your primary SIC encryption. Your primary SIC encryption is set using the 'ces' command.

Decrypted messages, which are done automatically, are in the following format:
|C|alias$keyname> message

alias - the alias sending the message
keyname - the key they used
message - the message sent.

SIC encryption can be a bit confusing at first, but once you use it a few times, it's easy to use.


By default the game will hide encrypted sic messages for keys you do not have. You can toggle this on and off with '@options encrypted'.

Viewing encrypted SIC can be spammy. However, it can also provide you with useful information about who is communicating with who and on what encrypt. So you might choose to turn it on if you want that information.

help sic
help sic-commands
*Last Updated: 11/30/20 by Fengshui*
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