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Help for 'sex'


Certain sexual acts are -NOT- tolerated by the Sindome Community (rape, underage). Please read '@rules' and 'help forbidden' for details on this.


Anyone actively engaging in sexual roleplay on Sindome is, on an OOC level, doing so with the understanding that Sindome is a game with adult themes that include murder, betrayal, and lies, and you the player must go into any sexual roleplay with your eyes open and a firm understanding that the person(s) your character is roleplaying with may be lying to or otherwise deceiving your character or preparing to betray your character or their friends. This could involve lying or positioning oneself such that they engage in sexual RP with someone they have lied to, betrayed, etc.

When considering sexual roleplay from an OOC standpoint, please remember that the characters you roleplay with are potentially plotting your death, lying to you, planning to rob you, planning to kill you, were sent to spy on you, etc. If you aren't comfortable Out of Character with the multitude of ways you could be being deceived playing into your OOC decision to engage in sexual roleplay with someone you should avoid all sexual roleplay on Sindome. There will be few situations where, based on the themes of the game, a character isn't working an angle in an attempt to get ahead in life.

You always have the recourse to not engage with sexual roleplay at all. You can fade to black (FTB) sexual scenes if you are comfortable with that, or OOCly ask that people stop attempting to engage your character in sexual roleplay.

You are under no obligation to engage in sexual roleplay, but if you the PLAYER choose to do so, you are doing so with your eyes open about what kind of game this is, and what kind of characters you are likely to meet. You are consenting to the sexual roleplay, knowing you might be deceived in character as to the nature of your relationship with the person(s) you are engaging in sexual RP with.


The Admin team routinely monitor characters and rooms. When an admin sees moosex taking place, they will mute that room or character for a time being. However, admins also routinely monitor *ALL* SIC and Phone traffic and do not have the ability to mute specific characters. The SIC is also not a 100% ICly safe means of communication. If you do not want others reading your intimate RP, either ICly or OOCly, it would be best to do that RP in person, in private.


There are many ways for your character to be spied on by other characters in Sindome. If you engage in sexual RP, you do so with the knowledge that your character may be observed in the act by other characters without your knowledge or consent.


Did your character just get laid? You can represent this ICly by typing laid.



help chastity
help forbidden
*Last Updated: 11/14/20 by Fengshui*
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