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Help for 'respec'


You can forget skills via the @assign ue menu. You can only forget skills you have 30 or fewer points in. Points are refunded at 1 per day while forgetting assuming you've been online during that day. This is for minor cleanup of character sheets, and can be done by anyone at any time. Languages and stats cannot be forgotten. Languages do not count against the UE cap. You are NOT refunded UE when you forget a skill but you can gain it again (even if you were max UE).


Respecing can take between 30-60 minutes, and should not be taken lightly. We offer respec's to allow players to take advantage of new things that have been put in-game after you hit the maximum UE, or if a respec makes sense for your character. Since we have initiated a maximum UE cap, it is sometimes useful to do a respec to take advantage of new features and functionality that Sindome has to offer. Respec is offered on a case by case basis.


Character Respec, if you have hit or surpassed the maximum UE (for older characters) will grant you the maximum amount of UE we now allow, and let you re-do your stats and skills.

If you are Respecing without hitting the maximum UE, you will be granted the exact amount of UE you have gained and no more or no less.

    - Those that have hit MAX UE
    - Those who have not respec'd previously
    - In special circumstances (at GM discretion) when BIG CODE CHANGES are made that negatively affect your character
    - In special circumstances (at GM discretion) when BIG CODE CHANGES are made that it makes sense for your character to be able to utilize.
    - With GM approval, those who's characters are 1 year or older. YOU ONLY GET ONE.

    - You should have 30-60 minutes available if you are to start respecing.
    - You will have to use almost all your UE before you are allowed to finalize your RESPEC.
      We will let you keep up to 100ue unspent.
    - If you have not been granted a RESPEC and you think you qualify for one, you may request one
      with @service-request. However, we grant RESPEC on a case by case basis, and your request may
      be denied if you do not qualify.
    - During a RESPEC we expect you to stick with the CORE of your character. You cannot
      RESPEC to become a totally different character. If your character is known as a
      badass pistol-wielding criminal, it is unacceptable to RESPEC him/her into an intelligence
      oriented decker with no combat skills.
    - If you RESPEC and then decide you don't like the new direction you took your character,
      tough cookies. Make your RESPEC count. You may not get another.
    - RESPEC should be used to solidify your character's traits and focus on specific areas that
      are expected based on your character's direction. RESPEC should not be used to become
      a 'jack of all trades' that has 27 different skills.
    - RESPEC can affect your PDS levels. This becomes YOUR PROBLEM ICly, if you get PDS due to a RESPEC
    - You may only RESPEC ONCE

    - skills
    - stats
    - specializations
    - advantages
    - disadvantages

      - languages are not taken into account when calculating your UE expenditure.

help stats
help @service-request
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