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Help for 'radio'


Radio communications in Sindome work similar to radios in the real world, but a bit simplified in ways. Transmissions take power to be transmitted, are sent over specific frequencies that are grouped into conceptual bands, can be affected by interference and are not encrypted by default.

\\ - the common shorthand transmission command shared by radios is \\ followed by what you want to say.

Radios can be found in a variety of form factors:
- handheld walkie talkies
- helmets with built-in radios
- craft installed radios
- cyberware
- fixed radio installations
- (more to come!)

Which band a radio operates in dramatically affects how far away a transmission can be received.

Low Band devices are generally low power and of low complexity. They are negatively affected by dome infrastructure and only work over a limited range as a consequence. As the signal drops off, the receiver will hear interference in the form of static, buzzing, hissing and the sound dropping out. Portable Low Band devices will not transmit inside vehicles due to the body of the craft acting as a Faraday cage and the low power of the devices.

Mid Band frequencies are affected by the Earth's ionosphere, being reflected by the water vapor that accumulates in this layer of the atmosphere. Transmissions from Mid Band devices, while powerful enough to operate within the dome with little interference, will not make it all the way to space and thus such devices are only suitable for Earth-based operations.

High Band devices take substantial power to operate, both transmitting and receiving and require the most complex computer circuits out of the three bands. They generate significant heat when transmitting and require thermal mitigation in some environments. Their power requirements mean you won't find man-portable High Band devices. These are the only way to communicate via radio frequency between Earth, Low Earth Orbit and beyond.

help phone
help radio-order
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