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Help for 'protection'

Syntax: protect
       protect from/against
       stop protecting
       stop protectors

Protect enables a character to shield another character from harm's way. Doing this changes the dynamics quite drastically, so it's important to understand the drawbacks and advantages of using protectors and bodyguards.

protect in its general form will put you in harm's way against any attacks against , but in doing so it will be more difficult to intercept attacks as your attention has spread thin.

Conversely, protect against will focus your attention on protecting against this one person. You will not attempt to protect them from attacks made by other aggressors, but in doing so you do not take a penalty.

While being protected or bodyguarded, you take a penalty to all of your attacks that scales with how many people are protecting you. Additionally, you cannot attack anyone that your bodyguards are protecting you from, making communication critical.


Protection does not travel on its own, moving to different rooms than the person you're protecting will terminate protection.

Except if you're escorting the person you're protecting.


If you are protecting, you can 'stop protecting'.

If you are being protected you can end all protection with 'stop protectors'.


Protecting someone requires they trust you.

help advanced-combat
help trust
help stop
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