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Help for 'props'


A prop is an object made by a player from a material into a non-clothing object meant to represent an item, but providing no functionality for that item. Plainly, a prop is a make-believe version of something.

Props should be used sparingly and may not be created if there is a real object out in the game already. This is a moving limit, as new objects are coded from time to time.

A good example of a prop would be a walking stick (as long as it wasn't giving the appearance that it could be a good weapon) or a simple music player.

A bad example of a prop would be a box of electronic parts or transforming cyber hoodie.

You are free, without tailoring skill to make props for your character should they be something that will add to your RP. If you are asked where you got it, simply say you got it at the market.


We ask that folks don't sell the props their characters make as the proliferation of such items would be hard to police, and add to the bloat of the game. If you come into possession of a prop through acts of murder or salvage you are free to treat it as any other in game item and attempt to sell it or trash it if you do not intend to use it or return it to it's owner throughRP.

If you have a question on if something would make a good prop, please use xhelp.

help tailoring
help prog-cloth
help xhelp
*Last Updated: 08/16/19 by Fengshui*
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