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Help for 'pronouns'


Some kinds of messages are not printed directly to players; they are allowed to contain special characters marking places to include the appropriate pronoun for some player. Your @nakeds and @describe and clothing can contain pronouns which will be automatically substituted based on your characters gender, or the gender your character is currently appearing to be. Here is an example from @nakeds:

       %P hands are scarred.

This would be translated as (assuming male gender):

       His hands are scarred.

The '%p' in the message will be replaced by either 'his', 'her', or 'its', depending upon the gender of the player. The fact that it is capitalized in the example means that the H in his will be capitalized. To have it not be capitalized, simply do not capitalize the pronoun.


       %s => subject pronoun:          either `he', `she', or `it'
       %o => object pronoun:          either `him', `her', or `it'
       %p => possessive pronoun (adj): either `his', `her', or `its'
       %q => possessive pronoun (noun): either `his', `hers', or `its'
       %r => reflexive pronoun: either `himself', `herself', or `itself'

Note: there is a special exception for player .name's which are assumed to
already be capitalized as desired.

help substitutions
help action-format
help prog-cloth
help tailoring
help appear
help @nakeds
*Last Updated: 04/11/22 by MirageGM*
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