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Help for 'painting'


There are different types of painting in the game:

* use spraypaint to 'spray with spray'
* use spraypaint to 'paint with spray'
* use spraypaint to 'deface with spray'
* use a painting or sculpting with digital canvases and holograms

Painting and sculpting are now done with digital canvases and holograms. From a code standpoint, they both start off with the canvas objects you can purchase in-game. They come in small, medium, and large sizes.

When using the 'paint' verb on one it will be explained that you are doing so with your mind and whatever you enter will be visible when someone looks at the finished product. You will also be presented with a list of keywords allowing you to use as much color as you want in your work. For canvas painting specifically, you can find the correct color numbers here:

When you are done or if you want to take a break, enter a '.' on its own line. You will be asked whether you want to seal your work yet. If you choose not to, your work will be saved for later editing. If you resume your work, copy your displayed old one and paste it in if you want to start off from there, or edit it first before pasting it. When you are ready to seal your work you'll be able to sign it and give it a permanent name. You will not be able to paint over it, except by defacing it (see below).

Once you've sealed your work, you may 'display' it, permanently installing it within the game world. It will only be removable with GM assistance.


Make sure you are authorized to display the work of art at the desired location before doing that. Outside of your private residence, you need to obtain permission to display the art.

You can get permission in different ways. You can ICly obtain permission from an NPC or PC that is considered 'in control' of the area (if it's their shop, or their turf).

If no one controls the area (that you know of) you need to xhelp and ask a GM if it's acceptable for you to display your art in that area. Approval (ICly or OOCly) is not a guarantee that your art will not be vandalized or torn down.

When you 'display' the object you will be able to choose whether your work of art is a wall painting, a floor sculpture, a free-hanging sculpture, or a wall photograph. You may also choose the 'custom' setting and enter a string that describes how the art is displayed, in case you are working with an experimental medium or mode of presentation. You must include the keyword %N somewhere in the string that will appear when looking at the room to indicate where the title of your art should be displayed.

You will be reminded of all of this and sometimes given examples as you go through the process of creating your art. Its value will be determined by your skill and ability as well as the complexity of the work and the size of the canvas. Art can make for a very profitable career in Sindome.

Keep in mind that vandals may 'deface' your art with a can of spray-paint up to the point of completely obscuring your artwork and even adding additional layers of coverage. To 'clean' it, use a solvent aerosol can. Both are available in stores.


Removing a painting may require GM assistance (unless we have finished coding it). If you wish to uninstall and move a painting you own, you will need a handyman (with a toolbelt) to come over and RP uninstalling it. At which point they may put in a service request to have it removed.

help @service-request
help deface
*Last Updated: 01/30/21 by Mench*
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