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Help for 'ooc-discussions'


This help file is intended to provide specific examples to help players understand what is an is not acceptable during OOC Discussions about the game.


First and foremost, we recognize the desire to get to know people OOCly, and even to discuss some aspects of the game. However, it is 100% a slippery slope and a lot of care must be taken if you decide to go down this path. The easiest way to stay off the slippery slope is to simply not talk to people via DMs, Out of Character. The second easiest, if you decide to talk to people OOCly, is to not discuss the game at all.

If you do decide to discuss parts of the game that are allowed to be discussed OOCly, much care must be taken. If anyone reveals who they play, directly or indirectly, intentionally or unintentionally, our conflict of interest rules kick in (see @rules) and it must be reported by both parties to the staff via xhelp or email and the characters involved can no longer roleplay closely with each other (see @rules).

A good rule of thumb is that a discussion that could take place on OOC Chat is probably acceptable in private. Here are some additional examples of what is and is not allowed to help shape your understanding:


- Stuff that has nothing to do with Sindome
- A cool idea could be to add (some feature) to the game
- Discussing lore from this public lore file


- What stats should I raise?
- What skills should I choose?
- What skill does making ammo use?
- You should raise your strength to get good at X
- Crazy that the mag-lev got bombed today
- Discussing who someone else plays


- Figuring out who someone plays via OOC discussions
- Telling someone who you play
- Someone telling you who they play


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help ooc
help foig
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