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Help for 'notes'

Syntax: @add-note
       @notes --all


Please do not request puppets with this command. Please use @request-puppet for that.

Tag Your Note: You will be prompted to select what the note is about, these options can change based on things that have happened to you recently on the game, both ICly and OOCly, and based on your employment. Choose this option carefully as it indicates to the GMs that read the note, what it's about.

Choose Subject: Choose a concise and accurate note subject line that makes this note easy to pick out of a crowd!

Bad Examples:

Need job
left a resume
sent a gridmail
got killed

Good Examples:
Looking for a bartender job
Need to find a bartender job
Left a resume with Hookie for Bartender job
Applied for a job at NLM as Corpsec
Killed by Snakes on Fuller Street
Murdered a Snake on Fuller Street
Fined by a Judge for talking shit
Loaned 25k by John, due on the 25th

Write your Note: This is important! Write your note. If you are leaving a note for an admin it's best practice to write it in a template form so that we have easy access to it. Long paragraphs are hard to digest. Here is an example of our template:


I was walking down Fuller street when a Snake (Bernike) told me I needed to pay the toll. He was injured and I was feeling frisky so I pulled out a gun and started shooting him. I managed to kill him but he called for backup and all I grabbed off of him was a hatchet before I had to flee from incoming gangers. I was shrouded at the time but my disguise had slipped by the end of the fight. Not sure if they noticed me or recognized me. I have spent a lot of time on Fuller Street.

-> Accosted by a Snake (Bernike) to pay toll
-> Refused and pulled a gun
-> Killed Snake and looted hatchet
-> Was disguised but it slipped at the end
-> Not seen by any actual NPC snakes, but am known on Fuller


Hit a period when you are done writing your note body and it will display your note for review and you can submit it.

ALL NOTES ARE READ BY GMS. We may not give you feedback on your notes, but we read ALL of them. Every GM signs in and reviews all notes that they haven't already read. This is a requirement, so your note IS read. We may or may not act on it, but it will be seen and if it merits it-- discussed.


You can view your notes with the @notes command. It will show the 26 most recent notes you have left. If you would like to view more than that you can use '@notes --all' which will show you up to the most recent 150. Be warned, if you have a lot of notes, it will be a bit of spam.

See also:
help npc
help @request-puppet
help @service-request
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