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Help for 'karma'

Syntax: @karma


Helping new players on Game-Help is incredibly important. The staff isn't always around or available to answer questions, so it can fall to you. If you have the answer, you should give it (as long as it doesn't reveal IC info).

We want to reward those that take the time to give excellent answers to questions on Game-Help. While we can't give you anything ICly, we can definitely make it known that you are the kind of person who takes the time to help out their fellow player.

That's where karma comes in. Similar to upvotes/downvotes on discussion websites, your karma score is the sum total of the @good-answer's that other players have sent your way.

Good answers increase your karma. Your karma score is shown when you send a message on game-help.

It's an indicator of how helpful (or unhelpful) you have been to other players thus far.


@karma - View your current karma
@good-answer - Send some karma someone's way for a good answer.

Giving someone karma with @good-answer is anonymous. The player may get a notification that they were granted karma (we only show one notification in the case of multiple @good-answers).


A good answer doesn't have to answer the question. Sometimes you can't answer the question.

If someone says 'Where do I find Olga's Fallout Shop' you can't answer that question directly.

You could just say 'FOIG YOLO' and hope that the person figures out that they can't ask questions like that out of character. That's a bad answer. It deserves no karma.

You could reply with something like 'Hey, thanks for the question. We can't actually provide you with that information because it's an IC (in character) question and there is a strict IC/OOC (out of character) barrier in this game. We can answer questions you the player has about how certain commands work, but not where things are located in-game. If you ask your question on the SIC in character, I bet someone will answer that question for ya. There are some help files you could check out that cover the IC / OOC barrier: 'help ic' and @newbie have tons of info. Good luck!' That's a @good-answer.

Be helpful. Cooperative Competition. If you're not helpful, your karma is going to show it.

help game-help
*Last Updated: 09/07/19 by Mench*
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