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Help for 'intuitive'

Personality - (S) Sensor / (N) Intuitive

How we take in information.

The main difference between sensing and intuition is that sensors take in information via their five senses and through facts, and intuitives take in information via patterns, impressions ands possibilities.

Sensing                               Intuition
Process info through the five senses   Process information through patterns
Thinks in the here and now             Thinks of future possibilities
Concrete thinkers                      Abstract thinkers
Notices details                        Sees big picture
Practical                              Idealistic
Factual                               Theoretical
Gather info from what they can see    Gathers info from underlying patterns
Realistic                              Inventive

help personality
help introvert
help extrovert
help thinker
help feeler
help perceiver
help judger
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