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Help for 'introvert'

Personality - (I) Introvert / (E) Extrovert

How we gain our energy.

The main difference between extroverts and introverts is that introverts gain their energy by being alone and extroverts gain their energy by being with others. One is not better than the other, and extroverts are not always loud and introverts are not always quiet. Introverts often enjoy social gatherings, but will get drained faster while involved in these settings. Extroverts also tend to want to be around people more but they still feel they need time alone sometimes.

Introvert                   Extrovert
Gain energy from inner world      Gain energy from outer world
Thinks to clarify thoughts       Speaks to clarify thoughts
Prefer depth over breadth         Prefer breadth over depth
"difficult to get to know"       "easy to get to know"
Likes to work independently       Prefers to work with others
Few close relationships          Many relationships
Concentration                     Interaction
Reflects before making decisions Tends to make decisions quickly

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help sensor
help intuitive
help thinker
help feeler
help perceiver
help judger
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