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Help for 'filesystems'


Many devices in the game interact with virtual filesystems that share a lot of similarities with real-world computer systems.

These devices enable the sharing of and interaction with data present in the Sindome world, so knowing a few basics can go a long way.


File paths are tree data structures, like folders contained in folders
not at all unlike regular computer directories.

A 'full file path' looks like this:

And it can be broken down like this:
1: - This is the filesystem we're using, like a drive. It starts at 1.
       It is safe to drop this usually, as most file-systems will assume
       you want to work with the first filesystem.
       Though, this can be useful when working with multiple filesystems.

/some_folder/ - This is a path, specifically a directory named
                  'some_folder' located at the root filesystem.

nlm.txt       - This is a file. Files always end with a ..
                  The type of file and what it can be used with is
                  determined by the extension.

In shorthand, it is possible to also reference files quickly like:
/nlm.txt      - This says we want to target nlm.txt on the root folder.

help simsense
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