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Help for 'farming'


Farming is when you have your character target NPCs excessively or unreasonably to take their wealth and make it your own. Some of this is fine but there are limits as Sindome is a PvP game. Anyone treating NPCs as a shortcut to wealth is getting an unfair, and likely unthemely advantage over those who are actually engaging other PCs more.

We have three guidelines we use to decide if behavior could be considered farming:

First, the ratio at which you target NPCs vs PCs. In general, you should not be targeting NPCs for dipping/mugging/stealing/killing/whatever significantly more often than PCs. If we look at the source of your character's wealth and it mostly comes from your character taking things from NPCs, it's a problem.

Second, the rate needs to be reasonable for the activity in question - even if you are targeting NPCs and PCs at an acceptable ratio. Dipping half a dozen NPCs in a day is not a huge deal - assuming you are also targeting an equal or greater number of PCs. But killing half a dozen a day is a big deal. If the amount of flash pulled in from NPC sources or the number of NPCs targeted is excessive given the circumstances, it's a problem.

Third, we ask that people limit themselves to taking about one big-ticket item from NPCs per week.

When we see farming happening we have to deal with it. Ideally, we can orchestrate a direct response from the offended parties ICly that will even the scales but sometimes IC factors make that impossible so we have to respond in other less direct ways. Doing this means we have less time to focus on bigger plots and game improvements. This is why we OOCly ask players to not farm in the first place.

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*Last Updated: 09/04/19 by Fengshui*
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