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Help for 'embezzlement'


Corruption in Withmore is rampant from the highest echelons of society to the poorest people on the streets. Judges take bribes or pocket CI funds, corpies pad expense accounts, and even taxi drivers run off-the-books fares without telling dispatch. Even on the street people embezzle, with gangers keeping more than their share of taxes and tolls and bartenders serving drinks without putting anything in the register. Embezzlement is a cost of doing business throughout the city and a character caught doing it should expect IC consequences for their actions if caught.

Embezzlement is an expected part of RP in Sindome and is the rule, not the exception, with characters who engage in it required to @note what they are doing just as they @note their other IC actions.

Specifically, please @note:

-> When you engage in significant acts of embezzlement, like completely fabricating a reimbursement request
-> When you engage in a pattern of minor embezzlement, like a cab driver shorting fares to their boss

Its fine to @note a pattern of embezzlement infrequently - one note every month or so is sufficient, or when your pattern changes. For example, a corpie who pads their reimbursement requests could @note In the last month, I padded reimbursement requests by twenty or thirty percent.

Putting a @note in does not mean your character will be caught embezzling. Like all crimes, you will be noticed only if you do not ICly cover your tracks, and even when NPCs do notice what your character is doing they may not react negatively. Corruption is everywhere in Withmore, so sometimes your bosses noticing that you are in the know just means now you are the person to go to for off-the-books jobs.

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