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Help for 'drunk'


It's possible through coded game mechanics to be drunk! The tolerance for your character and how much alcohol they can endure before they start blubbering about would depend on how frequent they drink and your stats.

When your character is drunk, check your @stats. It should give messages that informs how drunk your character is. (e.g just slurred speech or stumbling as well)

Hiccups and slurred speech are already added by the game to your character's words so you can type normally and to others, it will sound slurred.

say I just want to buy more cold tea!


Bob says, "I jush *hic* want tho buy more *hic* cold thea!"

SIC messages should not be slurred as it is your character's thoughts, rather than their speech. You should still, however, RP drunken thoughts.
help drink
help drugs
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