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Help for 'crafting'


Certain items can be crafted using the 'craft from ' command. You'll have to find out item recipes in character.


You can fail a crafting check, and lose your component(s). You can also critically succeed and get more of the item than you expected.


Crafting typically takes every day components such as bottles of booze, progias, and things of that nature. If you don't have the items on you when you try to craft something specific from the base component (such as: craft molotov with bottle of booze) it will tell you what you are missing.


If a crafting recipe requires additional components beyond the single one you execute the command on, it will warn you and get you to confirm you want to continue, telling you that the components may be consumed.


If you are crafting a recipe that requires a component like a progia and you have multiple progias on you, you are not going to be able to select which one gets used. It will pick one. Be wary of this and leave extra components that you do not want consumed in another room (leaving them on the floor will not prevent them from being consumed).

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