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Help for 'corpse'


Corpses... the pesky leftovers of your murderous plots. Every time a character dies and is unable to be resuscitated their corpse is created in the game. Corpses behave pretty much as you would expect them to behave in real life. They have decay stages, ranging from "very fresh" to "completely unrecognizable blob of gangrenous gas and putrid flesh". Unlike normal items, corpses can't be hidden in rooms, meaning that you will have to go out of your way to hide them efficiently if you need to. They also contain basic information about the deceased person: their build, height, eye colour, hair colour, and other immediately distinguishable traits.

There are special actions which you can perform on corpses, but those are limited to a specific skill set that allows you to perform forensic exams to determine the cause of death and other relevant information. This is something that you should explore ICly to learn the possibilities!
*Last Updated: 09/04/19 by Mench*
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