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Help for 'codelock'



There are two modes on the door. The first is the NORMAL mode in which the keys pushed on the keypad are interpreted as the COMBO to open the door.

The second mode is PROGRAM mode in which you are using the commands on the door to do a variety of administrative things such as changing the master combo and adding/listing/deleting secondary combos.


This is the default mode, allowing you to unlock the door. You simply type 'push on '. For example if your COMBO is 1234 and the door is to the south, you would enter: push 1234 on south

At this point the door would flash green to show you it's unlocked. You can now 'open south' to open the door if the door does not open automatically. Once opened, you can 'close south' to close the door.


Normal combo locking exits that you find in shops, bases, and other places require a combo to open them from the outside. However, not all locking exits require a combo to leave. By default, there is no combination required, and you can simply 'push open on ' to leave.

Many doors have the option to UPGRADE them, potentially at a monetary cost. Doing so will make the door require a combo to exit as well. This combo is entered the same way as the combo to enter. Afterwards you have the option to DOWNGRADE the door to restore the simpler leaving functionality.


All combo doors have a MASTER COMBO. This is akin to an administrator combo. If you have the master combo you are able to change the master combo, add secondary combos, list secondary combos, and delete secondary combos.

SECONDARY COMBOS allow a person to use the combo to open the door (from either side) but they do not allow users to add, list, or delete secondary combos. They also do not allow access to changing the master combo.


PROGRAM MODE allows you to change your master combo and add/list/delete secondary combos. You enter PROGRAM MODE by using the command 'program ', at which point you will be prompted for the MASTER COMBO. If you enter it correctly the door will flash green three times to let you know you've entered PROGRAM MODE successfully.

To exit program mode and return to normal mode you can 'push cancel on '. If you get stuck or confused, you can always start over by returning the door to NORMAL mode with 'push cancel on '.

DO NOT leave your door in program mode when you are done. Doing so will leave your door vulnerable to intruders.

Note: If the green light flashes twice, your action was successful. If it flashes red twice, it was not.
Note: The keypad will not open the door as long as it is in program mode.


To change your master combo, first enter PROGRAM MODE, then enter 'push *0 on '. You will then be prompted to RE-ENTER your MASTER COMBO for security purposes. Upon successfully entering the master combo, you will be prompted to enter the NEW MASTER COMBO. Make sure you to keep track of your new combo as the old one is immediately lost. You can enter a 7 digit combo on most doors.


To add a secondary combo, first enter PROGRAM MODE, then type 'push *1 NEWCOMBO on '.


To list your current secondary combos, first enter PROGRAM MODE, then type 'push *2 on '.


To delete a secondary combo, first enter PROGRAM MODE, then type 'push *3 COMBOTODELETE on '


When you are finished you must hit 'push cancel on ' to exit program mode or you will not be able to use the door and someone else may come along and add secondary combos or mess with your door.

*Last Updated: 02/13/19 by Fengshui*
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