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Help for 'client-colors'


Different clients have different capabilities to support the colors we display. Many newer clients will support our colors out of the box. We use xterm-256 colors, which most modern terminal emulators and MUD clients have no issue with. However some clients require additional configuration.

By default you are set to be using 256 colors. You can change this with @ansi. Please see 'help @ansi' for more information.

You can access our web client from: and you should have no issue with the colors if you are using that client. The client supports multiple color schemes:

@client-options cl acid
@client-options cl normal
@client-options cl slither
@client-options cl corpie
@client-options cl snow
@client-options cl dim

These are also available from the options menu of the client when you log in.

Please see this topic on our forums for how to configure MUSHCLIENT:

Vmoo is great, but old. It doesn't support ANSI colors all that well let alone xterm-256 colors. You probably want to use '@ansi ansi' if you are using VMOO. But we recommend switching to a newer client or to using our webclient.

Please check out our forums or our site search (located at the top of every page on the website) to see if we have a forum post for configuring your specific client for our colors.

This client should just work, as it supports 256 colors.

This client may require additional configuration to get colors to work properly.

The webclient is a good source of truth for how the game should be displayed color wise and if your colors are configured properly. If you have the ability, please try loading the game on the webclient and comparing your colors to the colors you see on your mobile client.

help colors
help ansi
*Last Updated: 03/02/19 by Fengshui*
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