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Help for 'backspace'

This should not be a problem for modern clients.


Players sometimes have difficulty getting their backspace key to work. This is an outside-MOO problem: Whatever access software you have determines how the line you type is edited before the MOO ever sees it. If your backspace key won't work here, you will probably need to consult with some documentation or a guru at your end.

The above notwithstanding, here are a few things to try instead of backspace:

   ctrl-h            (another way of typing backspace)
   del               (delete character)
   ctrl-backspace    (another way of typing delete character)
   ctrl-w            (delete word left)
   ctrl-u            (delete entire line)
   ctrl-r            (redraw line)
*Last Updated: 06/12/18 by Fengshui*
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