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Help for 'advantages'


An advantage is a special modifier that only comes into play when you perform particular actions. When you select an advantage, you will be randomly assigned a disadvantage as well. This disadvantage will never counter any of your advantages.

You can select up to 3 advantages. Make your selections by using '@assign ue'.


Once per character, under certain circumstances, you can request a mulligan and roll new advantages and disadvantages.

This is offered in the case where your random disadvantages directly conflict with the rest of your character's build in a way that does not make sense.

To request a mulligan you can submit an @service-request.


If you roll badly again, and get a disadvantage you don't like, you're going to have to keep it. The system is set up to disadvantage people who are picking advantages and there is nothing forcing you to take advantages. If we just let everyone pick and choose their disadvantages, then there isn't really a purpose to the system. So, if you aren't comfortable getting a disadvantage you don't want, don't pick advantages.


help @service-request
help @stats
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