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Help for '@nakeds'

Syntax: @nakeds
       @naked is

@nakeds is the method by which you can access a listing of the 'naked' messages for your character. These messages are descriptions of body parts and specific areas of your character. You can and should set these to enhance your character's description and make them more memorable.

These areas, when described, appear appended to your character's description, arranged from head (top) to feet (bottom). When you wear clothing, the descriptions of these areas are 'covered up' depending on the coverage of the clothing item you wear. (shoes cover feet, glasses cover eyes, etc.)

You can access the list by typing @nakeds

You can set your @nakeds as follows: @naked is

example: @naked reye is "%P right eye bulges as if it is about to fall out of %p head at any moment."

NOTE: You can and SHOULD use pronoun substitution in your @naked messages. That way if you use the 'appear' command to affect a different gender, your pronouns will automatically adjust.

NOTE: Your description as defined with @describe should be as light as possible and give only 'cursory' glance information such as height, weight, build, ethnicity, and anything that will DEFINITELY stand out (like blue face paint).

NOTE: Do not tell people how to think or feel about your character. Describe your character and let the reader make the decision about they feel (instead of saying they look like they've 'seen some shit' describe the things that make them seem this way and let the reader decide).

NOTE: there are also short versions of the 'long names'. IE: leye instead of left eye.

Shortnames for parts: "leye", "reye", "lear", "rear", "head", "face", "neck", "lshoulder", "rshoulder", "larm", "rarm", "lhand", "rhand", "back", "chest", "abdomen", "groin", "lthigh", "rthigh", "lshin", "rshin", "lfoot", "rfoot"


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