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Disguises and how to treat them in roleplay

Disguises and how to treat them in roleplay

You exclaim loudly, "Alright bakas, hi. Sorry for starting things an hour early but I did a dumb and just rolling with it. ANYWAY!"
You say loudly, "I'm glad so much interest was shown in the workshop. Makes me happy. We'll get started now- I'll leave participation open when questions are asked. I will not do it town-hall style since I didn't have time to pre-write these and publish. It will be a little spammier but it should be just fine."
You say loudly, "I encourage everyone to ask questions. The expected runtime is about an hour."
You step up to the podium and adjust the microphone.
You eye your surroundings warily.
You say loudly, "So, disguise meta."
Johnny says loudly, "with so many here, please keep side comments, emotes and any commands that are going to message everyone for later -- obviously workshop commands to participate are what you're here for. :)"
You say loudly, "That's something a lot of us have to deal with on a day to day basis, for better or worse. And Staff has since stopped policing such because of how time consuming it was to keep looking into each and every case."
You say loudly, "And what Johnny said, yes."
You ask loudly, "Now, my first question to everyone here is: What do you think is the most important part of a convincing disguise?"
You say loudly, "Feel free to answer."
[OOC: Barrett says, "obsfucation of unique traits and features." ]
Creux says, "Distance from your own identity."
Armand says, "Walking the talk"
Conner says, "Playing the part."
Valerie says, "Blending into ambient shit."
You say loudly, "I'll leave speaking open for now unless it gets too spammy."
Poet says, "Blending in to the ambient stuff. "
Grimm says, "The way dat dere chummer walks an talks different like from deys own normal voice."
Iori says, "Anonymity."
You nod casually.
Poet says, "For not just shrouds, making it not you but unique. "
Armand says, "This means being able to detach yourself from your mannerisms. And pick new made up mannerisms. A shroud is not an invisibility cloak where somebody can' tidentify you anymore. You still have to put in some RP work."
You point at Armand discreetly.
Hillevi says, "Removing features that are unique to your character or make them stand out, particularly things like tatoos."
Creux affirmatively nods at Armand.
Iori nods in agreement with Armand.
Armand says, "So if you have a shroud but you still talk and walk and behave like a certain person. Don't yell meta when you are identified."
Creux says, "That's basically what I meant."
Valerie says, "I have identified pople oocly by there mannerisms, and had to police myself on it and not let my character know."
Friday points at Armand agreeably.
You say loudly, "Okay so, I think all of you are right to a degree. But I feel something that gets overlooked a lot- Yes, it's identifying people by their OOC manneirisms."
Valerie says, "So What armoand says exactly."
You say loudly, "The thing about disguises in Sindome is that you need to trick players both IC and OOC."
Ashe says, "Yeah, it's almost like half the time I'm playing to convince the player behind the screen, not the character. "
Iori casually nods at Ashe.
Valerie says, "I think the player looking should know better, but that's a difficult culture to enforce."
Creux [to Ashe]: That's what's called social deception, in the board game world. Bluffing essentially but more complex.
You say loudly, "Yes, that's pretty much it. The whole point of this workshop is that I want to teach people to -do- better."
You say loudly, "I think it's very easy to meta people at times, but the big thing is that you shouldn't."
You say loudly, "My number one rule is to respect ambient population."
Creux agreeably nods at Celestial.
Iori nods casually.
Niko says, "As a player it's good to remember that spelling shouldn't equal how someone talks. There, their and they're are all the same phonetically, for example."
You say loudly, "Yes, also true."
Bisset says, "You also have to play like you're going to be meta'd, I'd say."
Creux thankfully nods at Niko.
You say loudly, "Unfortunately you do, yes."
Creux says, "The dyslexic in the room thanks you."
Valerie says, "Don't hire someone to scout an area for a "short dude in a green shroud" or if you do, just for the RP of it, don't use any info you get to meta."
Tax says, "*speaking english, in a Freesky accented drawl* Tricking the other people is the most important thing in my opinion. If you don't leave any info to meta, then you have succeeded."
You casually nod at Tax.
Tax says, "Or if you, ya know, leave a false meta trail that points at someone else."
Tax shrugs unceremoniously.
You say loudly, "Agreed. The biggest thing when disguising yourself is changing everything about your character enough to not leave room for someone to make assumptions."
Iori says, "I'll admit, it's harder to drop some mannerisms than others, though...  I tend to overuse the hell out of ellipses in speech..  It's just me, I don't even notice it half the time, but I know others do."
Creux [to Iori]: You have me... Shatner... Issue, I see? ... Don't you?
You say loudly, "In theory that looks simple but in execution I think a lot of players end up falling short. I see that a lot of people do give others benefit of doubt at times even if it's very easy to assume who it is."
Valerie says, "But that should be based on your skill level also... If you're brand new at disguise, tossing on a wig and a hoodie isn't gonna mean you're good enough to change your character's style so much."
You say loudly, "Yes."
Friday says, "I know that sometimes I slip in some of my characters mannerisms at times just because someone can't completely for go ALL of them. "
Tax says, "You can read what you say or do before you say it. I always try to review what I've said and look for things that might point to me. Including spelling and grammar."
You say loudly, "Honestly, grammar habits will give you away."
You say loudly, "But they're much harder to change use of."
You say loudly, "This is what i mean about tricking people OOC though."
Iori says, "Definitely. Agreed."
[OOC: Armand asks, "Sorry, I have to drop, can you please remove me?" ]
Valerie says, "Yeap.. Grammer is a bit tip off to me ooc."
[OOC: Celestial says, "yep" ]
Tax says, "I mean... slipping into your characters mannerisms seems kinda IC if you ask me."
Tax says, "I will purposefully do it sometimes."
You say loudly, "It is, yeah."
Picot says, "Walking around in a disguise and then forgetting to change @lp is one of the most embarrassing gaffes."
Valerie says, "I'm a people reader ooc so I tend to pick up on a lot of stuff tht my character wouldn't."
You say loudly, "I do that aaall the time..."
You eye your surroundings warily.
You say loudly, "So my next question here is."
Niko says, "They will, but I don't think that's fair. Ellipses are one thing because they give way to the idea of a small or dramatic pause. But why should my character, for example, get an idea that Bob is actually Teddy because I as a player know that Bob constantly uses a comma like 'so and so did this and, they went on' instead of 'so and so did this, and they went on'."
Creux [to Valerie]: It is to everyone. There's a concept called Writers voice, that basically means that you write in a stylistic way naturally.
You ask loudly, "What do you folx look for when trying to identify someone when they are disguised?"
Tax [to Niko]: Because the rules say you have to trick the player not just the character.
Bisset says, "I tend to look for visible features and obvious mannerisms."
You [to Niko]: Yes, the thing is that you have to trick the player too. Especially since we don't police it anymore.
Friday says, "Damn those commas. "
Chesa says, "Tattoos or other unique identifiers. Voice."
Valerie says, "I always look for character accents, their speech bubble shape, and  anything that might tip off my character, like if the disguise slips, or their goals or something like that."
Creux says, "I look for 5 unique identifiers or connection points."
Bisset says, "I don't think voices are as legit an identifier as some people think."
Iori says, "Posturing and posing first and foremost is what I look for. Body language, and if it matches anybody I am familiar with ICly."
Bisset asks, "How many hoarse-voiced Germans are there in the Mix, for example?"
Hillevi says, "Location, habits, mannerisms, motive, voice, patches from specific fights I might know about, weapons..."
Creux affirmatively nods at Hillevi.
A shrouded curvy woman clearly nods at Iori.
A helmeted svelte vixen says, "I encourage them to let the code do the work. If they lack the skill or fall for one of several ruses they can reveal their identity without me having to use any other factors."
Barrett says, "If i see a shroud, I try not to act on anything unless i hear a familiar voice, or see a weapon type that I can associate with short desc, basically correlation of available data points to form a conclusion. The problem with that is, I am correlating against a limited population, so it's difficult to control the desire to come to a quick conclusion."
Grimm says, "Body language is what I'd go for first. People can just not talk if need be but everyone has to move at some point."
Friday asks, "I think patches from shrouds is a wild way to identify someone, how many shrouds are in the Dome?"
Tax says, "Weapon, voice, slang, clothing, look_place, any visible nakeds, gear they have on them that I steal off them and then plant back, who they talk to, what they seem to want to do."
Joshua says, "I look for facts or things they say that would let me identify them in a city of millions. If I look for accents, it's because of the context. I don't identify someone in a random street by their accent. But if I know someone will be at a location and I hear their accent, I find it reasonable to make the connection."
Valerie says, "Patches from shourds is a no go for me."
Friday says, "Same. "
You [to Tax]: I like the stealing bit. That's smart.
A shrouded curvy woman says, "Patches is absolutely meta. No chance."
Creux [to Joshua]: Exactly. That's why I try and go for 5 factors.
Joshua firmly nods at Creux.
Friday says, "That does happen though, a lot. "
You say loudly, "Okay, I think a lot of you brought some good ones here. Also, please- Patches are not something you should be identifying people by."
Creux affirmatively nods at Celestial.
Creux says, "Color even..."
Tax [to A shrouded curvy woman]: Are you demonstrating right now, is that why you are disguised?
A shrouded curvy woman smiles innocently at Tax.
Creux says, "That's so easy to change it's not even funny."
Tax says, "Patches on shrouds was resolved by spawning NPCs with shrouds with patches, based on the BGBB post."
You casually nod at Tax.
Hillevi says, "There are times where patches are not meta, for instance in a past character example my character patched peoples ponchos so I would know how many patches in what location from what material, plus IC my character would have done the work."
You say loudly, "Pretty much."
Iori casually nods at Tax.
Joshua says, "I think unless you literally put a sticker on your poncho or something, it's pretty meta."
Tax says, "I think using patches to identify someone is OK. It's up to the player and character to convince me it isn't them. But that's why adding something that adds more of these patches was good."
Tax shrugs unceremoniously.
Joshua says, "We're talking about MILLIONS of people walking by your eyes on every street. I personally would feel fishy making the connection by counting patches on the street. Maybe if it's a closed space."
Creux [to Hillevi]: Being blunt here, but to give an example of why even that's meta... What kinda super computer brain did that character have to remember the exact placement of patches on a shroud.
Friday says, "Right, I got clocked standing on the street by a patch. "
Valerie says, "That shouldn't happen."
Tax says, "I mean, yeah, sure, there are millions, but you would have trouble picking an undisguised person out on the street if there were actual millions. I think that is why the rules are written the way they are."
Creux affirmatively nods at Tax.
Grimm says, "I wouldn't feel right if I got identified because the shroud I'm wearing has a (presumably) tiny patch on it covering a small bullet hole."
You say loudly, "I think this is why I say we should respect ambient population, but yes."
Picot says, "Skin tone is a big giveaway at narrowing down who someone is. And there's no way to disguise your skin tone any more. So, that's unfortunately kind of meta."
You say loudly, "I think that there needs to be a degree of suspension of belief here."
Valerie says, "You shouldn't pick just because of a patch."
Valerie says, "If it's one clue in a bowl of many, that's good."
You say loudly, "I think a patch is a clue. It shouldn't be the sole method of identifying someone."
Creux affirmatively nods at Celestial.
A shrouded curvy woman says, "Skin tone cyberware might be cool. Get on it, VS."
Creux says, "Five or more traits."
Iori casually nods at Celestial.
Poet says, "Repeat behaviors/MOs."
You say loudly, "That's just my opinion though."
Creux says, "That's my rule... And even then that's not enough sometimes."
You say loudly, "Also, let me be clear here."
You say loudly, "Everything I say is my opinion and shouldn't be treated as a rule."
Creux affirmatively nods at Celestial.
Poet nods casually.
Hillevi [to Creux]: You know if your an artist what is your work. You notice little mistakes you made and such.
Picot says, "Pretty much skin tone is the only thing you -can't- disguise."
Valerie [to Hillevi]: There isn't anything codedly telling you that is your work.
Ashe says, "I feel like if somebody identifies you on a silk patch that's bullshit, but usually it's ''Silk patch on a brown poncho'' and yes I'm going to identify you. I've been identified on some pretty stupid shit. Like ellipses. So yeah, your patch is going to play into my equation."
You say loudly, "While I or other staff members might feel like x or y is meta, we won't police it regardless of our personal feelings. I think I should make that clear."
Fengshui nods casually.
Bisset [to Hillevi]: I lost a unique jacket a while back and found someone selling it on Facebook. Someone I knew from events I'd gone to. Even then, I wasn't 100% sure if it was mine, because memory isn't a rigid thing.
You nod casually.
Niko says, "Memory is also different for each person. "
Fengshui says, "*speaking english, in a test voice* If you want to step up your game, and be as immersive as possible, also make your life more challenging in a fun way, don't use the easy stuff. Use RP specific stuff only. But don't expect others to HAVE to do the same."
Creux nods affirmatively.
Barrett says, "I find that I have more fun when I try to just disregard trying to identify someone who is clearly disguised at all."
Creux says, "To be clear, disguise meta is something I struggle with hard. Because I'm a very black and white person IRL."
You say loudly, "I think a lot of people struggle with it."
Friday says, "I have been trying to be better about that as well. "
Iori casually nods at Celestial.
You say loudly, "I always err on the side of caution when IDing someone, even if I have enough to identify them."
Valerie says, "It's a struggle, Smallworlding is also a struggle. It's a bit of a disconnect but it's funner when you play with it in mind."
You nod casually.
You say loudly, "Ambient population and disguises go hand in hand when you are identifying them."
A shrouded curvy woman says, "I have let some people get away with it when their disguise dropped at the very end. Can lead to more interesting things rather than just calling it out."
Creux affirmatively nods at Valerie.
Creux [to A shrouded curvy woman]: I've been called out and ID'd by my disguise dropping in the next room after I assaulted someone.
Creux says, "I think that was the second most fed up I've been with the game."
A shrouded curvy woman [to Creux]: I played it as noticing something off at the very end, but nothing more.
Barrett says, "Commenting on the point that it should be hard to identify undisguised people in crowded places as well, I really wish that CROWDED locations just showed short-desc unless you were directly interacting with someone. with 'to' or pose/etc."
Tax says, "Yeah, erring on the side of not identifying someone is almost always more fun in my experience."
You say loudly, "I agree, Tax. It is."
Valerie says, "Agreed."
Ashe [to Creux]: That sounds like a legitimate ID to me.
Creux says, "Agreed."
Creux [to Ashe]: Hope that's sarcasm. ;P
Fengshui says, "Peoples names are identifiers so you can interact with them."
Fengshui says, "Names are not unique."
Fengshui says, "There are plenty of PCs and NPCs with the same names."
Ashe [to Creux]: It isn't, and I think there's a discussion to be had there if I'm reading you right.
Fengshui says, "The MOO needs a way to identify you mean JOHN"
Fengshui says, "We already run into issues with 5 shrouded people with the same shortdesc in the room"
Friday says, "I love the new NPC anti-meta stuff. "
Fengshui asks, "Which shrouded person is attacking you!?!?"
You say loudly, "All of them."
You cackle madly, your eyes lighting up with glee.
Valerie says, "I like asking people "Hey, I'm looking for a green haired punk with a mohawk" And people going "I saw like eighteen of them just now while you were asking"  I know it's pointless, but its still fun."
Fengshui says, "The moo isn't set up well to handle it."
Creux asks, "Can we open up disguise name system to allow player names then?"
Fengshui says, "No."
Picot says, "Oh yeah don't disguise as the same disguise-name as someone else. That breaks everything apparently. Whoops."
Storm says, "*speaking english, in a frantic sounding, Swedish-accented voice* That's a hell no."
Creux says, "Understood."
Valerie says, "A big hell no."
You say loudly, "I think it used to be possible but it broke shit."
Creux says, "Alright."
Friday says, "There was a targeting problem with two shrouds in the same room. "
Valerie says, "The npeople would meta even more."
Fengshui says, "It makes it difficult for the GMs."
Fengshui says, "And thus we are not going to do it."
Creux says, "Ah."
Creux says, "That makes sense."
Friday says, "When they have the same short desc. "
Fengshui asks, "is that John? Or John? Or John? Or... Jane pretending to be John?"
Creux nods affirmatively.
Picot exclaims, "You can't even target with 1st John!"
You say loudly, "It would bring a shitload of problems that I don't wanna think about dealing with."
Hillevi says, "Introduce indiscriminate targeting."
Valerie says, "I think that point's been made fully."
Creux says, "I just like the ID of tricking people with the right disguise into thinking I'm Jane Doe from SK."
Friday says, "You can spell it a little differently then, no? "
Creux says, "So anyway not the important part."
You say loudly, "Totally can."
Picot says, "'Aureile.'"
You chuckle softly.
Creux [to Picot]: That's just preying on dyslexia...
Creux chuckles throatily.
Friday says, "There you go. So you can still be Jane Doe. ..but it will be Jane Doo or something. "
Aurelie smiles innocently.
Picot says, "'Cruex.'"
Friday points at Picot discreetly.
You say loudly, "Ultimately I think that it's up to all of us to teach eachother how to identify disguises in a way that makes it fun for everyone. I think not everyone will agree, but at this point it's pretty much a 'police yourselves'."
Bisset says, "Oh right that's another one. Change your @messages."
You say loudly, "Yes."
You say loudly, "Your @messages are a big thing."
Poet nods casually.
You say loudly, "Remember that smells follow you even if you're shrouded."
Creux says, "Yes. All of them. Your socials too."
You say loudly, ":)"
Friday says, "Can I make macros for that? "
Chesa asks, "Those are the lp tp sp?"
Aurelie says, "*speaking english, in a sensual, Parisian voice* There are also IC teachers."
You point at Aurelie discreetly.
Creux affirmatively nods at Aurelie.
A shrouded curvy woman [to Chesa]: There are a lot more.
Picot says, "@opassout and @owakeup are the worst things to get caught for."
Creux says, "I learned a LOT from my IC teacher."
You say loudly, "There are IC teachers, yeah. I don't wanna give away too much shit you could do IC to prevent being identified because it's all stuff you can, and should learn IC."
You say loudly, "This is more about, hey be aware of this when identifying people."
Chesa nods sharply.
You say loudly, "We dont police it, but I think it makes for a better game when we police ourselves."
You say loudly, "*Staff does not police it."
You say loudly, "Sometimes that may mean letting someone get away. That's okay."
Picot says, "When I identify someone who is disguised, I'll turn up the heat a bit with a little roasting, asking casual questions and the like. Not to get them to break down and stomp out of the room in frustration, but to get them to -think- about the persona they've adopted. Make them squirm, then let them go free."
Picot says, "Basically I try to turn it into a teaching tool."
You casually nod at Picot.
You [to Picot]: That's a good way to ID people.
You say loudly, "Ask loaded questions that only a certain someone would know."
You say loudly, "If you have suspicions."
You say loudly, "You can use RP as a tool to ID people, not just the systems."
You say loudly, "Like a Judge can investigate and build a whole case up on someone's disguise."
Friday sighs quietly.
Aurelie says, "My biggest advise is to practice, practice, practice. Make throwaway disguises, you don't have to get attached to them. Do it two dozen times."
You point at Aurelie discreetly.
You say loudly, "Creative use of disguises is the biggest thing that will keep you from being meta'd unintentionally."
You say loudly, "I've seen a lot of great shit from some PCs when it comes to using disguises creatively."
A helmeted svelte vixen says, "The best way to find a good disguise teacher might be engaging with someone you suspect is disguised."
You nod casually.
Creux [to A helmeted svelte vixen]: Very true.
Tax says, "Make entire personas. I have, still, like 6 entire identities on the grid/sic that no one ever put together belonged to a previous character."
You point at Tax discreetly.
You say loudly, "Personas are a VERY big thing now, in my opinion."
You say loudly, "Something more people should look into if they don't want to be ID'd."
Friday says, "And they are just fun to RP and really get into. "
You say loudly, "But also something they can learn IC."
You nod casually.
Tax casually nods at Friday.
You say loudly, "Having personas is like playing a different character for that time."
Tax says, "It's like a roleplay within a roleplay. Roleplayception."
Friday laughs loudly.
Hillevi says, "I do feel that when people use accents and such it is best if people think what would my character know. Stealing accents from people they know or places familiar to their backstory, etc..."
You say loudly, "Yes, accents can be a giveaway."
Friday points at Hillevi discreetly.
You say loudly, "I think it's totally in character to slip into your accent if you forget to keep the voice up."
Ashe says, "This is a lot of IC information about how to use disguises, isn't it? I feel like my character's losing money right now."
A helmeted svelte vixen says, "I'm just a dude playing a dude disguised as another dude."
Valerie says, "And if your character is dumb.. Let them be dumb."
Picot says, "I read a lot of descs & nakeds, not just because they're fun to read, but because they help with inspiration. If I'm trying to aim for a certain persona, I focus on writing styles akin to people who have played those kinds of characters."
Ashe says, "Sorry, somebody has to say it."
You chuckle softly at Ashe.
You [to Picot]: That goes with tricking people OOC, yes.
Picot [to Ashe]: Okay, I'll stop spilling secrets.
Fengshui chuckles softly at a helmeted svelte vixen.
Valerie [to Ashe]: that's cause people ar pickpocketing you.
Creux says, "Another thing I think should be important to recognize... Is... You don't -need- to know ICly what you know OOCly."
Friday says, "I wish people would use 'flesh bag' more. "
You say loudly, "You are not your character."
You say loudly, "So yes."
Storm says, "If you see somebody who is clearly playing a persona because you've never seen that screen name before ever, please drop the OOC knowledge of this and roleplay it as IC.  Too many times I see people encountering a new persona in a bar and immediately asking their friends, 'Who's that?!  I've never seen them before!'"
You say loudly, "This goes for more than just disguise though."
Creux says, "And yes I know the sensation being correct is addictive."
Bisset says, "Not every person who comes through the Omega Gate is actually a weak, pathetic immy."
Creux says, "Storm raises a really good point there."
Valerie says, "Yeah. Storm's right on."
A helmeted svelte vixen says, "Another thing I will say is inevitably you will be meta'd. It'll suck but the best thing you can do is move forward. The people who meta are only ruining their own RP. You can move on and be better. :-)"
You say loudly, "I think Storm's point is a big takeaway here."
You say loudly, "And honestly, as I said just now."
You say loudly, "You are not your character."
Creux says, "The sensation of being right is INCREDIBLY addictive though."
You say loudly, "Just because you know something OOC doesn't mean your character would know IC."
Creux looks at nothing in particular, and smirks softly.
Tax says, "If someone metas you, you can always get revenge by murdering them ICly."
Tax shrugs unceremoniously.
Valerie says, "It's more fun to not know.. to RP.. which is why were are here."
Ashe asks, "You can educate yourself! People absolutely are going to identify you because they know your shroud color and location, because your disguise slipped, because you displayed ONE LITTLE mannerism from your known persona, or because of your LP, even if your LP is some absolutely metaphysical crap that they can't even see. It sucks, but knowledge is half the battle right?"
Creux affirmatively nods at Ashe.
Friday says, "I ask some stupid questions sometimes just for RP, even if I OOC know what a word means or something. "
Ashe says, "So don't give them the chance to meta your ass."
Picot says, "*speaking english, in a gentle Texan voice* You -can- subvert Storm's predicament. I'll avoid saying how for Ashe's sake."
Ashe laughs loudly at Picot.
Valerie says, "*speaking english, in a dull and feminine tone* Be happy oocly you picked them out, but don't bring it IC unless your charater should know."
Tax says, "*speaking english, in a Freesky accented drawl* I mean, I think that is actually a tool in your toolbox. If you know people are going to be meta, out smart them. Kill the person with the super unique shroud, and commit a crime using it. Then spread a rumor that they faked their death to make it seem like they didn't commit the crime after realizing they had used the wrong shroud."
You point at Tax discreetly.
You [to Tax]: Valid.
Conner nods at Valerie There was one character that was disguised really well and I oocly could tell but, I policed myself to not do it ICLY.
Creux says, "*speaking english, in a soft and melodic voice* I've seen people get identifying hand tattoo's. And then commit crimes in hoodies to get that person in trouble."
Friday points at Creux discreetly.
Creux says, "It was a hilarious plotline."
Friday says, "*speaking english, in a well-modulated Russian accent* Silly gooses. "
Ashe [to Creux]: Sign my petition to have those people hanged.
Ashe coddles his hand tattoos.
You say loudly, "Look at someone's tattoos, get an artist do to them for you and then kill someone with them exposed."
You cackle madly, your eyes lighting up with glee.
Picot says, "Brilliant."
Creux affirmatively nods at Celestial.
Ashe says, "Stop giving them all ideas."
You say loudly, "Real talk though that is just one of the many ways you can trick people."
You say loudly, "Be creative."
Creux affirmatively nods at Celestial.
Valerie says, "Just attack every single shroud you see after you've been dipped"
Friday says, "Can you 'draw' them on with 'pen' if your artistic skill is high enough? "
Storm says, "We don't police disguise meta anymore.  Not worth the time.  But don't think we don't notice when players are pulling meta bullshit.  It goes into consideration when we're thinking of who's going to get the big jobs that require staff trust.  We can't trust you if you're a meta prick."
You say loudly, "What Storm said."
Barrett says, "*speaking english, in an old-fashioned, frontier American accented voice* I just think in general, if you find yourself having to guess because nothing is clearly drawn out like a tattoo or a unique article of clothing, do yourself a favor and don't ID. "
Creux nods affirmatively.
Ashe [to Barrett]: Exactly.
You say loudly, "I am much less inclined to be willing to put you in a trusted position if you are metaing people all over the place."
Aurelie [to Friday]: Just use a SkinWriter. There's RP to be had getting one and using it.
A helmeted svelte vixen says, "*speaking english, in a sensual, Parisian voice* I think it goes the other way around too. When I notice someone isn't a meta prick and engages in really worthwhile RP, I will go out of my way to engage with that person more."
Aurelie nudges a helmeted svelte vixen.
Picot says, "Did you know? You can trick some people just by changing your disguise-name and literally nothing else."
Friday points at Aurelie discreetly.
Valerie says, "It's also fun.. to ID wrongly."
You say loudly, "And no let's not draw shit on ourselves without a skinwriter. C'mon. :P"
Creux says, "Say it with me folks... 'Could have been anyone.'"
Friday nods sharply.
Picot says, "Don't meta the WHO list either."
A shrouded curvy woman clearly nods at Picot.
Creux affirmatively nods at Picot.
Ashe says, "Play to your intelligence. It's great. I love that sweet spot where my character knows absolute dogshit and can carry on life blissfully unaware. I don't ID people sometimes just because I don't care enough. It's great sometimes just being uninvested and letting things happen. You don't always need to be that person."
A shrouded curvy woman says, "*speaking english, in a calm, honeyed feminine voice* God, someone did that to me once really bad. Probably my worst experience in the game."
Aurelie says, "I agree with svelte. You can RP being a very scary asshole that people think will fuck you over, without actually fucking them over, but letting people have chances to learn and grow."
You say loudly, "Also yes, please play to your character's intelligence."
A helmeted svelte vixen casually nods at Ashe.
You say loudly, "While you, the player, might be as PhD holding smart-ass baka, your character may not be."
You say loudly, "Your character might be a goddamn cromag."
You say loudly, "Play it as such."
You say loudly, "Even to your detriment."
Bisset says, "*speaking english, in a firm London-sprawl accent* Or pump that INT up."
Valerie says, "the hard part is playing to a smarter intelligence than you ae."
Bisset says, "It's a good stat."
Siren says, "*speaking english* Not just intelligence.  If they aren't perceptive, they may not pick up on the nuances of things too.  "
Ashe [to Bisset]: dump stat all the way, like, whats a cromag?
You say loudly, "Good callout, Siren."
Aurelie nods agreeingly.
Bisset [to Ashe]: being a blank is a legit character type too
You say loudly, "Remember that it's important to play ot your character's stats."
You say loudly, "to*"
Picot says, "Maybe don't max out Luck so you can say it's a 'lucky guess' every time."
Creux says, "On the other hand, if you do do something stupid that is not obvious, make sure to note that shit down."
You say loudly, "Notes are good. I like notes."
Aurelie says, "I love seeing characters who are learning still and struggling. Then watching as they mature and grow over time."
You say loudly, ":P"
Ashe [to Picot]: That sounds like a legit archetype to me. Staff asks me how I knew ''roll my luck stat, I dare you''.
Valerie cries in never doing notes enough.
Bisset says, "Imagine writing notes. Couldn't be me."
Picot [to Ashe]: lol
Creux says, "I have had staff go after me for not playing to my characters intelligence. When... I had been losing every intellect related conflict I was participating in."
Creux says, "Deliberately."
Valerie says, "I try really hard to note stuff but it's scary and I can't explain why."
Siren says, "Another takeaway.  Losing can be fun too.  There can be some great RP generated from getting caught, as much as getting away with not getting caught.  Or, as much fun in getting fooled by a semi-bad disguise as being able to point it out and saying 'aha'."
Ashe says, "*speaking english, in a smoky-dead cadence* Usually staff will poke you and be like 'be dumber' but at that point as Creux says it's good to start noting your dumb shit because they don't see everything."
Friday says, "Sometimes I just do a weekly 'update' when a few things happen. Should I do them in separate things? "
Iori says, "*speaking english, in a clipped, Osakan-accented, monotone voice* Notes are constantly my biggest shortcoming, I feel. At least I'm not alone."
Friday points at Iori discreetly.
Ashe shrugs at Iori unceremoniously.
Grimm says, "*speaking english, in a thick, aggressive london-accented voice* Good to know everyone is as bad with notes as I am."
Storm says loudly, "I'm going to be honest."
Ashe says, "I do them real infrequently honestly, haven't had that bite me in the ass yet. Keep em short, to the big stuff and you're good."
Iori casually nods at Ashe.
You say loudly, "I think knowing what to note is something you learn with time."
Ashe says, "Unless there's something specifically staff talks to you about, I guess. Then note like crazy."
Storm says loudly, "Sometimes I look at the who list and I have no idea who half of the characters are because I've never seen them note anything down.  I have no clue what their goals and dreams are.  It gets worse when I have less time to be on the game.  Noting stuff down is your friend."
Creux affirmatively nods at Celestial.
You say loudly, "What Storm said."
Tangerine nods casually.
Niko says, "*speaking english, in a rich whisky smooth voice* So many notes.."
You [to Niko]: I read them all and appreciate you, boo.
Friday says, "All off them. "
Creux says, "Storm is exactly right, I recently did a series of notes that just clarified my character."
Niko turns red as he blushes furiously.
A helmeted svelte vixen [to Niko]: You the real MVP, boo boo.
Ashe says, "Monthly goal updates! I try to do at least monthly, throw out a few long term, short term goals. It's good to have both."
Hillevi says, "*speaking english, in a monotone Scandanavian, winter wind whispering rasp* I started updating weekly or every big event and it really helps, also making personal to do lists for my character. Big change from my first character."
Creux says, "And I find that staff are interacting so much better to my character now."
Siren says loudly, "Notes are your best friend and best way to communicate to GMs."
Conner says loudly, "Theres stuff that I'm like.. 'ill get that later.' then never do.."
Conner says loudly, "Then forget."
Tangerine exclaims, "We can't help you if you don't note. We really do read them!"
Friday says, "I have also been trying to use the 'Thought' bubbles lately. "
You say loudly, "Also notes can relate to disguises in a way too. Note the shit you did and if you fucked up somewhere you'll know."
Chesa says, "*speaking english, in a sharp tone with hints of a British accent* It helped me to keep a list if I don't have time to write them in real time."
You say loudly, ":)"
Ashe [to Friday]: More thought bubbles!
Chesa says, "And then catch up in a batch."
Ashe says, "I love using thoughts."
Tangerine says, "Thought bubbles are good, but notes are even better. We can't always keep up with thoughts in real time."
Friday [to Ashe]: All of the bubbles! Its a cool thing as well for people who have chrome that can potentially read them.
Grimm says, "Using @notes is kind of a slow process for me and I do often find myself getting interrupted a lot when trying to write them."
Creux says, "I have a habit of only using thoughts if I suspect I'm in a room with minds eyes, and it's a REALLY bad habit. I -need- to do it more."
You say loudly, "Anyway this was more of a open floor workshop than a structured thing but I hope people managed to take away some things from here."
Hillevi says, "Ooo, as someone who has played with a MindsEye it really makes the game when people use them. I remember one character who had internal monologues that were just amazing and made my day."
Valerie says, "thank you Celest."
Siren exclaims loudly, "Thank you Celestial!  This was very useful!"
Chesa says, "Thank you Cel, and everyone."
Creux [to You]: I certainly picked up some stuff too. And reinforced some good habits.
Gaz starts applauding politely.
Aurelie waves happily.
Friday starts applauding cheerfully.
Hillevi starts applauding politely.
Iori joins in the appaluse.
Poet exclaims, "*speaking english, in a soft rhythmic South-African canted voice* Thank you!"
Ashe [to You]: Thanks for holding this!
A shrouded curvy woman starts applauding sensibly.
Chesa says, "The notepad advice has helped me immensely, highly recommend."
Valerie doesses the clap thing.
Poet applauds politely at Celestial.
Niko starts applauding politely.
You say loudly, "I plan on doing more of these for other things. We'll see. :-)"
Gaz stands from their seat in the fifth row, and edges their way out of it into the aisle.
Conner applauds politely at Celestial.
Gaz starts applauding politely.
Siren exclaims loudly, "Celestial gets the top-Staff award this month.  Comes with a free sammich!"
Joshua starts applauding enthusiastically.
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