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Help for 'spoof'

Sytax !

Spoofing is used to put your name in the middle of a sentence, and not at the beginning like an emote. It is for including environmental action or information in the scene, not for messages which are core roleplaying of your own character's actions.

Note well: Your character cannot "speak" in a spoof. Doublequote characters will be stripped out of the spoof's content. Use the emote, pose, say, or to commands for speech.



!As dust blows outside, Player walks into the Drome with a swagger in his step.

It will show up as:

As dust blows outside, Player walks into the Drome with a swagger in his step.

Your name must be included, either through typing it into the message or adding %n where it would be in the message. If a name is not included, it will be tacked onto the end of the messages like so:

Terrible winds blow outside the door and rattle the windows. --Player

For further information please refer to the following post.

help speaking
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