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Help for 'sleepers'


Sleepers are people who have disconnected from the game. This could be in a public or private place. The term 'sleeper' covers both of them.


This is extremely poor form, lacks roleplay entirely, and is not codedly allowed. Finding ways to circumvent the block on killing sleepers is against the rules and will result in you being banned if it is detected (and it will be detected).

If you believe you are in a situation that warrants you killing a sleeping character you may xhelp to discuss with the admin but you are most likely not in a special situation and should not consider doing it. Imagine if you fell asleep and woke up dead and how annoying that would be.


There is a cooldown on robbing sleeping characters in public places. This is to prevent someone who loses internet connection suddenly from being robbed due to an OOC issue. This protection starts if you disconnect in a public place, and continues for a short period of time which should allow you to reconnect to the game from your phone, or another wifi connection.

YOU are responsible for your connection to the game, in the same way you are responsible for your actions on the game. There is very little way for the admin, let alone another player, to know you are disconnected because of internet trouble, or disconnected because your internet or power went out. The disconnect timer is a way for us to let players know, via code, if they are OK to rob someone they find. It's up to YOU to get back on the game and get somewhere safe if you lose power or internet. In a day where so many people have cell phones, this shouldn't be the most difficult thing ever.

If you fall asleep at the keyboard, that's also on you. If you're then attacked or robbed, you need to take responsibility for going to sleep IRL when you need to. If there is an emergency, a real emergency, you can 'xhelp house is on fire please put me in the void', much as I did when my house was on fire.

help thievery
help grapple
help frisk
BGBB Discussion of Cooldown Feature -
*Last Updated: 05/25/19 by Fengshui*
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