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Help for 'computer science skills'

[ Science Skills - Computer Sciences ]

   DECKER archetypes have limited coded support compared to OTHER archetypes.
   If you are interested in playing a DECKER then you will be more limited in
   terms of coded support for your character than you would be picking a different
   archetype to base your character on. If you are looking for coded support for
   your characters skills, you should stay away from DECKER related skills. We
   are currently working on new code for DECKERS but we do not have a release
   date yet.

   Knowledge of how to use matrix technology for purposes other than intended.

   Knowledge of operating systems, network use and topology, and deck use.

   Effective use of software design tools and knowledge of how to design
   matrix software.

   Ability to accurately gauge the worth or size of things, the ability to
   judge a person, skill in haggling, bartering, and trading activities.

See Also: help skills
See Also: help science skills
*Last Updated: 06/08/19 by Fengshui*
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