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Help for 'combat skills'

[ Combat Skills ]

   WARNING: Not all combat skills are created equal. Finding an effective balance
   between your weapons skills is up to you to figure out. And it should be based
   on what your character is looking to accomplish. Brawling/Martial Arts/Pistol/
   Long Blade/Short Blade/Rifle/Sub Machine Gun are not just flavors of the same
   thing. They do differing amounts of damage, some with weapons and others do it
   unarmed. There are inherent positives and negatives for each class of weapons
   and inherent stats that support different skills. Brawling/Martial Arts are
   not intended to be on par with someone with a gun or a sword, but you'll never
   be unarmed. The trade-offs you make are up to you.

   Ability to cause harm or disable an opponent in unarmed close combat with
   brute force.

   Effective use, care, and creation of a variety of explosive devices and
   weapons including molotov cocktails, pipe bombs, grenades, timebombs, etc.

   Heavy Weapon
   Effective use and care of a variety of high powered anti-vehicle weapons,
   including gunner-fired vehicle mounted weaponry.

   Long Blade
   Effective use and care of a bladed weapon over 25 centimeters.

   Martial Arts
   Ability to cause harm or disable an opponent in unarmed close combat with
   tactical movements.

   Ability to cause harm or disable an opponent in armed close combat.

   Effective use and care of a semi-automatic pistol or revolver.

   Effective use and care of a rifle.

   Short Blade
   Effective use and care of a bladed weapon under 25 centimeters.

   Sub-Machine Gun
   Effective use and care of a variety of semi and full automatic weapons.
*Last Updated: 04/19/22 by MirageGM*
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