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Seven Ecks

From The Mind
OOC Info: The information below can be considered general knowledge. It can be assumed that your character had an opportunity to come across this information in their travels or that if they were to 'look it up', this information would be straight forward to obtain.

Seven Ecks is a formerly banished criminal who has been living and operating in Withmore City since 2088.


Before Withmore

Not much is know about Ecks before he came to Withmore. He was in cryogenic stasis for six months in Ohio. Before that he was living in Boston. He has been traced as far back as having grown up in the undersea dome of Miami, where members of his family still live today.


Records show that after arriving in the city he was sporadically employed as a menial worker at Shinohara Heavy Industries. He is also recorded as having delivered packages for Mr Bruce at Withmore Wholesalers.

Sometime after coming to the city he met a man named Aikao. Thus began a long and lucrative criminal partnership between the two men.


Ecks was banished in 2090 for the murder and crucifixion of Judge Patrick Murphy. Ecks claimed that he was not part of the mob that murdered Judge Murphy. He spent several months in the Badlands where he was joined by his partner in crime Aikao. It is not known when the duo returned to the city, but it is suspected that it was at least three months after Ecks was banished.

On returning to the city Ecks joined the Red Sector gang The Sinners and rose through it's ranks.


Eventually Ecks grew tired of the leadership of The Sinners and a fight took place that ended with Ecks leaving the gang, taking many of it's members with him. Ecks started his own gang named The Snakes and carved out Fuller Street as the gangs turf.

Aikao his business and criminal partner is captured by the Withmore Justice Force. Aikao is sentenced to cryogenic freeze. Ecks and a band of criminals free Aikao as the WJF caravan transporting him across the Badlands is attacked. The entire event is caught on camera by NLM and broadcast to the entire city.


Ecks is caught in 2092 and sentenced to cryogenic freeze. The Withmore Justice Force takes every precaution to avoid an escape attempt. He is transported successfully to the cryogenics facility where he undergoes a series of experimental rapid readjustment programs designed to make him loyal to the Withmore Justice Force. The programs are a success and after six months he is released into the custody of the Withmore Justice Force to work off his debt to the city.

Ecks is given a Judgeship and a partner. He lives a Judges life for a few months before the programs he was subjected to at the cryogenics facility begin to slip away and he eventually goes rogue. Ecks heads back to Red Sector and takes control of The Snakes again.


Ecks is still assumed to be the leader of The Snakes but he has not been as prominent a figure in local goings on as he has been in the past. Perhaps for fear of another capture by the WJF.


Ecks is replaced as leader of the gang by Zenigra. He goes into hiding. Rumors that he has contracted a serious case of DCD are abundant. In December of 2094 Ecks was spotted by NLM reporter John Fergeson entering the Hall of Justice. Fergeson who was at the Hall of Justice to interview Staff Judge Pratt went live with a broadcast as Ecks took Staff Judge Pratt hostage and managed to escape by jumping off the Western Skywalk with a paraglider. He claimed he was only there to pay his SIC bill. The Withmore Savings Bank was robbed at the same time. It is widely agreed that Ecks showed up at the Hall of Justice to cause a diversion for the bank robbers.

The bounty on Ecks is raised to 125,000 chyen.


NLM news reports that Ecks took place in a terrorist attack on the Tox Power building on Gold.

Location: Unknown. Status: Active.


SIC advertisements begin cropping up for the Green Dragon Detective Agency. The SIC Alias GDDA begins offering private detective services. It is rumored to be Seven Ecks.

Seven was captured while unconscious after a fight by Judge Valentine at the end of the summer of 2096. Most thought that he would be heading back to cryo prison, but through unknown means was released less than a month later with his banishment having been lifted.

Known Aliases

Seven, Sev, Snake, Vengativo, Ecks, Green Dragon.

Known SIC Aliases

Seven, GDDA

Known GRID Aliases

s3ven, Beware, Flash