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The length of a good history.

I need to write a history for my character, but I'm not sure how long is acceptable of a length for my character. About how long should the history be?
Mine is just over 900 words. I bet you could have one approved in as little as a quarter of that though.

Straight from the '@newbie' command showing you stuff about history...

Your history can be very basic, just a single paragraph can be approved, but very long histories are also fine. At minimum, this is what needs to be included:

- Birthplace and date

- Family, with names (even if your character might not know them)

- Names for other persons mentioned in the history

- Education

- Key event(s) in your character's past

- How did your character acquire his or her stats and skills?

- What does your character want?

- Why did your character come to Withmore?

---Just make sure to involve that and you're good to go. Make sure to give everyone and everything names.

Look at the aforementioned help file, also look at 'help history' and 'help writing-history'. I suggest that, as well as including all the NECESSARY information, you come up with a history draft that helps you flesh out a character. There's a lot that you can incorporate into your character as you're spending time in Sindome, but there's also a lot you could be bringing into Sindome in order to generate very fun RP. My char's history reads a little like a dossier, has key points and mentions of important past events, personal info, etc.