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Roll up Flexiscreen Displays...
...pretty colours... so pretty.

Roll Up for the Floppy Television

July 19, 2002 06:08 AM ET  

By Pete Harrison

LONDON (Reuters) - First they went wider, then flatter, and now televisions are set to go floppy.

Roll-up, flexible televisions, akin to the melting watches of Salvador Dali's surreal landscapes, have become possible thanks to a glowing plastic compound perfected in the laboratories of Britain's Cambridge Display Technology (CDT).

"You're effectively printing televisions," CDT Chief Executive David Fyfe told Reuters. "They can be printed onto thin plastic almost like paper."

Roll-up televisions will allow viewers of the future to flip their sets out of sight like projector screens and will come with a similar price tag to bulkier boxes.

The technology stems from the discovery in 1989 of the compound p-phenylenevinylene which glows greeny-yellow when given an electric charge.

A little tweaking over the following decade produced compounds to emit blue and red light: the roll-up TV was born.

The market for light emitting screens is expected to grow from $20-25 million in 2000 to over $3 billion by 2005, and CDT's Light Emitting Polymer (LEP) screens are expected to grab a majority chunk of that.

"I think it (commercial production) is very close now," said Fyfe, adding that the last bottleneck -- finding a flexi-screen that protects the sensitive compounds from corrosion by oxygen and water vapor -- had almost been overcome.

"Realistically, you will see roll up displays around 2004 or 2005," he added.

"Just four weeks ago Philips demonstrated an all plastic display -- an incredible thing -- a device only a fifty millionth of an inch thick," said Fyfe. "If you can get thin enough plastic, then you would indeed have a roll-up television."

The Japanese giants of television manufacturing, Sony, Hitachi and Toshiba, are leading the race to put the technology to use, but not far behind is the military, which envisions roll-up maps of the battlefield fed by overhead satellites.

"They're interested in every ounce that can be saved from a soldier's pack," said Fyfe. With the flick of a switch the display could convert to infra-red for covert night operations.

On the home front, TV-watches, giant animated billboards, and a new wave of roll-up battery rechargers are just some of the applications in the pipeline.

"I think we'll see a lot of innovation," said Fyfe. "People are talking about weaving displays into clothing. Will there ever be a mass market for that? I doubt it. But it will probably be seized on by someone."

No need to clicky clicky when you copied the story over to here :P
All we need now is for some company called... oh I don't know maybe 'WorldSat' to release the first public available version onto the market.

We've got dataterms, sleep cubes and now floppy tv's... But wheres the shower in a can or thermite shotgun shells damn'it.

Life is indeed Cyberpunk... or more specific life is like Chrome books 1 through 5. (If you include the un-official on-line one.)

I've built my fallout shelter for when the nukes start falling and the corperations take control, where are you going to be ?

(Edited by Wanseya at 2:50 pm on July 19, 2002)

Someone decipher what he just said. Maybe if I ROT-13 it it'll make more sense ;)
Yes has some interstign articles about these, I can get the actual links soon if you like. A Cambridge university computers group ar competing with another british for-fronter, as well as with many other, computer and communications companies. Nokia making deals to have OLED (organic light emiting displays/ or diods) in there phones.

(Edited by Wanseya at 11:43 am on July 19, 2002)

(Edited by Wanseya at 2:45 pm on July 19, 2002)

Yes my connection was cut from sindome. Since someone else is having trouble, proves it's not my network's router causing the trouble. ;)
Unfortunately.. running Wan's post through ROT-13 produced results that were almost identical to the original:

Uzz qrcraqf ba jura vg vf, ohg cebonoyl Wncna, orvat n terng tnzrf nhgube naq fhpprffbe bs Fuvtreh Zvlnzbgb, bbuu gungf jbhyq or tenaq, Bu Uhu? onq sheher yvxr va rzgvbarq obbxf, onu, nyy ernyvgvrf ner syhssl ohaal ynaq gb barfrys, jryy hayrff barf n sbby, juvpu V cbffvoyl sbbyvfuyl srry V nz abg. Naq V nz abg n sbby, va fhfcrpgvat lbh gb haqrefgnaq gung.
Uzz Jr nyy unir vaqvivthny jubyr ernyvgvrf nyy gb bhefryirf, rapbzcnffvat nyy rkvfgrapr, naq jura gurfr pbairetr jr unir gur bar jr rkvfg va abj - fvaqbrz pna or hfrq nnf n tbbq nanybtl, yvrx n zvpebpbfzvp ercerfragngvba bs jung V whfg zragvbarq. Lbh pbageby gur infgarff naq fgngr bs lbhe bja ernyvgl naq guvf va geha rssrpg gur jubyr gung jr yvir va, urniba naq uryy, hgbcvn naq qlfgbcvn znl rkvfg va lbhe ernyvgl vs lbh fb jvfu, naq juvyfg rirelobqvrf ernyvgvrf ner vasvavgr, fbzr jub qba'g nyybj nyvnaf naq fcvevgf gb or va gurer'f znl nf jryy unir n svavgr bar, naq n ffznyy bar ng gung. V oryvrir va nyvnaf, jr ner gurz bhefryirf (va nzal jnlf znl V nqq, fbpvny nyvraf rgp, nf jryy n n aregby cerfcrpgvir ba fcnpvny yvsr) Uzz V'z ahgf jung qb lbh guvax

Stop reposting that..
I have a typo problem.

(Edited by Wanseya at 2:51 pm on July 19, 2002)

What do you mean "Looks so real"? Of course it's "real", you weren't imagining reading it.
.... this has got to be the most disjointed set of response posts i've read in a while.


i've seen man in a can... is that the same thing as shower?

What about shirt in a can?
Thanks Bias. All my work. My changing all my replies helps aswell, as there are answers to nothing. Now new readers will think Justin's on crack; sorry man
Wan, it only takes reading one of your posts to think you're on crack, bud.
But part taking of the lorry full of drugs situation while playing Sindome is a standard.

It's like anti-lock braking for the moo.