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BGBB colour fix for sore eyes.
Color scheme hurting your eyes?

Hey folks. If you're like me and the colour scheme of the forums hurts your eyes while reading, I might have a little fix for you.

There are browser extensions out there that allow you to add custom CSS to websites which you can find by googling;

Opera: AddCSS

Chrome: User CSS

Firefox: Stylish

Once you've got one of these installed in your favourite browser you can change it to black on white rather than white on black.

Here's what I use which turns all text to black and the background of the replies to white:


.bgbb .thread .posts .post {

color: #000;

background-color: #ffffff;


.bgbb .thread .posts{

background-color: #ffffff;





Hope this helps.

This is so much better.

No more eye hurting for me!