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Wild life,Hunting,and New weapon ideas.
Adding animals, Adding a system to hunt, Adding weapons.

(This is a copy post, i posted this on an other board but realized it would also fit well here, I read the guidelines and don't think this is breaking any rules, I'm sorry if it is)

To preface this I'm going to say I have not played this game very long so I apologize if this whole post is made tedious by the fact that these things I'm discussing are already in the game in some form and I've just missed it.

Okay, so First things first, Wildlife. I'm not too sure if the entire planet is just devoid of wildlife (as some characters have told me) or if there are just mutated creatures in the wild now, but I think it would be fun to add the option of hunting into the mix. It would also give an opportunity for players to be self sufficient outside of cities.

Hunting. Not just "You see a wild wolf. You attack the wolf. You kill the wolf. You get 1 fur pelt." I mean you have to find some tracks, you have to follow them to either the animal or they're home, you have to not get eaten alive by some giant bear that comes out of no where, stuff like that. Basically have a system of searches, hide checks, combat checks, etc. Maybe have "boss" type creatures like a giant mutated gorilla that will send you 50 feet into the air skyrim style.

Weapons. I've also thought of some weapons that I thought of getting in the game but realized they're just not in it. Bows, sling shots, crossbows, things like that. Basically just firearms without the gun powder. It would be easier to get (I assume) than a gun seeing as how it's a piece of hunting equipment. Like I live in new york where it's near impossible to get a gun, but if a cop showed up to my place and saw a bow and some arrows he wouldn't really care. In our current reality, bows aren't taken seriously as weapons because there's no real life "hawk eye" going around on killing sprees with a piece of bendy wood and string. Seeing at how this is a game where people can literally get cybernetic implants, I feel like it could be possible for people to use bows as effective weapons. Not as powerful as guns for sure, but having cheaper ammunition and very little noise mechanically speaking.The reason I brought up the cop in new york thing was to allude to how bows and cross bows would probably have less intense processes to get a licence. That's pretty much all I have to say on this matter. 1 wild life (More life to the game) 2 hunting (opportunity for alternative methods of getting food, resources, and chyen) 3 new weapons. (I WANNA BE HAWK EYE, OK!?)

I believe there may in fact be big game, somewhere. 😉

And I believe the weapon goal to focus combat towards on-theme weapons. Brawling, blades, and bullets.

I've heard the IRL weaponmaster GM who intimately knows about the efficacy and properties of weapons is currently on hiatus, so I don't believe weapons are getting any changes anytime soon.

Hope that helps!

There are definitely things to hunt. You'll probably need GM assistance to get "pelts", but there are things inside and outside the dome that you can go after. There may even be ways to profit from this kinda of activity if you have the right IC knowledge. Asking IC about this might be a good idea : )

As for bows and arrows, I think this has been shot down (har har) before, as non-themely. I'm not sure if that will change though.