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Tagging & 256 Colors
Taste the Rainbow

As of right now, when you tag using multiple spray cans - it just uses a plain jane white text. Would it be possible to have auto-blend the colors and find a close-ish match on the 256 color palette? Silly feature request.
Hrm, that's definitely possible, though I imagine using multiple colors would be more like... a mural with different things in different colors instead of like, using red and yellow and getting green or whatever. Thoughts on how we might better represent that?
I like where this is going.
We could introduce color tags but making spraypaint more technical seems odd and against the spirit of the object itself. Maybe it alternatives between colors? Or just does gradients between the two spectrums?
Maybe allow a character with enough stat/skill be able suppress the newline. So you could paint a few words with red, a few with orange and a few with yellow on the same line.