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Stored name change through cybertechs.
Adding another way to change the stored name.

I'd like to add at least a third way to change the name stored in your SIC. Right now there are two ways I know of to do this ICly, but each have their drawbacks.

This idea would also have its own drawback, but it allows a different path to getting that name changed in a way that's still vulnerable, but different.

With the introduction of the chatter system, it can make it a little difficult to create a new persona based off of disguise only because of the stuff that goes on in that system, especially topside. The only ways to avoid this right now either alert a major across the board and it might still not work, or undergo something that can tear away other parts of your identity.

What I propose is this: add a third (known to me) way to change the name stored in your SIC by letting cybernetic technicians of a certain high skill be able to modify that part of your chip. Not the SICID necessarily, but just the name stored in the chip. This would help free up a little more accessible name changes and attempts at disguise-related, new-persona related plots while giving cybertechnicians some more work beyond their current skillset.

+1! Would be a cool hacky-adjacent fun for a cybertech too, maybe with some way for a cybertech to follow the trail back to determine the original name as well? Either way, love that.
I hate to add an additional +1 with minimal input but I think this is a great idea. I think further expansion around Cybertech and the SIC chip in-particular would be great. A jury-rigged interface that could illegally soldered on comes to mind.
I love this idea, but I wonder if at a higher level still the SICID could be changed too. Given how interconnected the SICID, alias and Name are and how those changing could be an instant red alert it would be cool to have a disguise or personal involving multiple characters to achieve to be harder to pick apart.

Also the idea of a sort of 'fake passport' service sounds awesome! I mean one that is a little more nuanced than one of the current ones.