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I wanna purse.
Purse me inna face.

I wanna Purse!

So I thought about getting a Tailor to make me a purse, to facilitate RP. Like when you put your stuff away, and you're wearing a skin tight dress without pockets, Where does it go? In your Lady pocket? No thank you Sindome. I was just thinking It would be super cute to Have Tailored Purses to hold some shit into, Maybe for the sake of Meta, Make it like a Wallet, where it can only hold cash, but can also be worn. That way if it gets stolen, The flash is gone, but all your gear isn't, since they only stole the "wallet" that happens to be shaped like a taco.

Never know how to word these Ideas and shit Someone help me out.

I want a fanny pack to keep my ciggies and Adidas clothes.


In all seriousness, it'd be fun. Make it so that the higher the skill the better they can make it and the more they can contain.

Yeah, I really want to be able to make stuff like fanny packs and backpacks purely for aesthetic reasons more than anything, it would nice to have storage functionality though.
So much do I want purses. I am completely fine with them only holding cash like wallets.
The problem of creating them now is that it'd be meta gaming if you use tem. You can RP storing things in them but if someone dips it from you, it won't have anything inside... it's meta right now.

I'd propose a middleground between wallets and briefcases for purses.

Able to hold a small amount of money, photos, drugs, plus the addition of makeup and nothing more.

Why not just strick fanny packs and purses to cigarettes, lighters, wallets, knives and pistols?

What's that she's holding? A smol pistol?


You dead chum.

* Also severed heads
+1 Grizzly
Just thought about it. Putting a severed head in a purse, then planting it on someone and sending them to the hall? Or planting a purse with a gun in it on a person and sending them off?

That would be so nettle.

I would urge the perfect not being the enemy of the good. Even just @renamed wallets as small purses would be amazing.
Sling a steel cooler around your waist, stick some severed heads and soyanuts in there- Bam. Flash Mix fanny pack.
Renamed Wallets would be Okay.. but I want Nice tailored cute shit I can tease and Pose with and Stuff.
This whole topic has kind of split into a couple of different ideas. I'm going to try my hardest to rain on everyone's parade at the same time.

Purses (as reskinned wallets/briefcases): Just use a wallet or a briefcase. There are at least two of each of those to address a variety of needs. Every time you add an object to the game it's adding to the bloat of the game which is something the admins seem to always be combating.

Your generic purse item will not make you more unique, and its functionality is already addressed by the item you're attempting to copy. It's just unnecessary in terms of functionality and if you want a nice look you should be looking at tailoring things instead.

Purses (as tailored objects): Tailored objects are just clothing items. You can wear them. You can apply certain messages to them. You can make them pretty. What you can't do with tailoring is add functionality to an object. You can't make disguises for a reason. You can't make containers for a reason. This rules out being able to make nonfunctional purses and backpacks and the like as well.

And simply having a purse object created and choosing to RP putting things in and taking them out kind of betrays the idea of the game giving you consequences. If you walk up to someone and steal their wallet, you get their wallet and all the contents it may have. If you walk up to someone and steal their tailored purse, you only get a purse.


Why not let a person be able to tailor a purse object -and- add wallet functionality to it?

First off, as things stand, that would allow you to make wearable containers, which prevents many forms of theft. Worn containers are few and far between and are only designed, at the time, for weapons. This would create a weird new issue to balance out, since one principal of the game seems to be that you should be able to have most things that you aren't wearing snatched away at a moment's notice.

And simply adding functionality to tailored objects creates a weird situation to handle too. If you make it so a tailored item can function like a wallet, you're making a situation where people can turn their pants into a wallet so they can stuff their chy into their pockets and then, again, be immune to easier theft with worn wallets. It allows situations which barely even make sense too, like walking around with 10,000c stuffed into your panties, along with the nude photographs of your lover. Now you've got a worn container that can be hidden underneath other objects.

And while none of these ideas are strictly bad, it would all require extensive thought about how they would effect the game, and if you would want those effects to be a possibility. If you want the effects, but then want to be able to counter those effects with something else, that requires even more coding work which then, too, probably requires some thoughts and time spent on balancing it.

And all this time spent just on making it so you can have a purse.

I think the reasons why we don't have tailored purses is clear. It's just too hard to police.

I'm not sure, however, that one more type of wallet is really a bloat issue. Yes, the functionality is the same as a regular wallet, but there's a broad game being played about clothing and fashion.

Different people play the game for different reasons. For some, it's a spice of RP on top of mostly coded combat or other systems. For others, it's some code around mostly RP -- and there's a broad spectrum in between.

Many things have the same functionality. Why have different clothing objects at all? There could just be 'generic clothing', 'fancy clothing', and 'very fancy' clothing, with no differences. That would reduce bloat (one assumes), but it would lose some piece of the CP creativity.

A ladies wallet does make sense from a balance standpoint. We can add a 'clutch', but not a purse that can be worn. (just because the way hierarchy works and there being no multiple inheritance feasible.)
A clutch would be amazing! Maybe name it 'clutch purse'?
Well If its such a big deal to not have purses, even nonfunctional.. I'll just pass on the idea entirely. I mostly wanted the fashion accessory. A clutch would be a thing too though. Thank you all for listening and replying.
+1 clutch idea

To get back to Majere_Draven's point: since we all know that there are no codedly functional bag items in the game (besides rifle bags, etc), is there really anything wrong with them having a purse tailored as a wearable fashion accessory? It seems like it should be fine, right?

If someone wanted to make, for instance, a backpack or a fanny pack to go with a sketchy Russian tracksuit as was suggested, I'd think those would be okay. You're not allowed to make props, but it's loosely defined. People make canes, for instance, and glasses. If they're wearable, non functional items that bring life to the character, isn't that all flash?

I, for one, think we need portable coded container objects. Even if it's just a renamed version of the cultured leather wallets and nanomesh wallets, we need it and I demand it have at least a leopard print one.

Yes, there is a problem with it.

If you have a tailored purse and bust it out, then RP putting your gridphone in your tailored purse, and I go out of my way to steal your tailored purse, I should also be stealing your gridphone.

This obviously isn't how the game works. It's not always easy to tell when something is posed vs a message the game produces when you do an action. It's not always easy to tell when something is tailored or generic. Unless you can examine the item, but you can't because it's on another person.

Not everyone knows that there aren't purse items in game. Not everyone reads the boards. Not everyone has the experience with the game to tell the difference between a tailored thing vs the real deal.

I think that simply brings the argument full circle. I know tons of people would use bags, and other containers. I would also support the ability to tailor custom bags. They are simple to make in real life, so no in character reason not to have it.

As for the idea of bloat vs use, I think bags are one of those things that I consider to be worth it. More so than food props since eating isnt strictly necessary on grid and is mostly done to spice up rp. Yet we have these things. The reason being that bags serve a functional purpose in addition to an rp one. It can help organize items for easy passing, you can stuff cash into them, you can stuff weapons for runners...there are loads of uses in addition to it being a great fashion accessory.

then RP putting your gridphone in your tailored purse, and I go out of my way to steal your tailored purse

I'm not sure this is as big a problem as you'd think. First of all, if I'm wearing my tailored purse, you're not stealing it, because I'm wearing it. You could kill me for it, but then you'd get my phone as well.

If you're a dip character, you're going to understand how this all works. If you don't, you have bigger problems, eg, you're going to be learning how little pickpocketing ability you have firsthand when it goes wrong. Because the item is worn, you can't steal it.

People should avoid being meta with their RP in all regards, including pretending to store things in a garment.