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Fire damage and you.

While fire damage is easily fixed by anyone, why not add fees on the repair materials? Or make the damage only fixable with tools that only WCS and 3LP employees can get through licensing. That way bombing a location would have more meaningful impact on gameplay and cause more RP.

yeah ive always found it kinda silly how someone can fully torch a place and five minutes later everyone's hanging out like nothing happened
I think this is more an RP thing that people should stop insta repairing fire damage and ignoring it even happened thereafter but if people think a coded addition like this is required I'm all for it.
I like this idea. I've lost track of how many times mixers have firebombed Gold, the mess is instantly cleaned up, and any RP that comes of it becomes a simple "whodunnit", which, if we're being honest, oocly we already know who done it, usually. So the RP never deviates from the connect-the-dots type of investigation that gets passed on to CorpSec which ends with the same players involved in the RP over and over even if others try to get involved. This would create -consequences- that could overlap different styles of play and lead to more interesting stories, imo. Consequences are a fixture in CP storytelling. We need more of them.

That said, not sure it should be cost-related, but also not sure what could replace that. Bombing a business on Gold would have different consequences than bombing a building on Red. Bombing a building on Red might hinder business, even shut it down temporarily like what was suggested. Bombing one on Gold might mean installing checkpoint security, more brazen corpsec authority to harass mixers on Gold near places of business, heightened internal scrutiny and paranoia. TOugher Judge presence. Real Dredd style. I don't know. Anything that helps push a narrative other than the usual lets go kidnap this mixer and make them do things.