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Doggo should lead and not always follow.

Pretty simple really. Most dogs you walk wouldn't easily be left behind when walking. Which is easily done in game. A command to have them in an "escort' like position would be very helpful for keeping your fur babies from getting lost while running from point A to B, especially if in a group moving together.
Keeping track of where they are while you're moving is literally the only "care" you have to perform for pets in the game.

If this quality-of-life improvement is implemented, let's get a quality-of-life debuff along with it.

Cleaning up shits and puddles, maybe?

Might be cool if they were required to be fed, like how the plants need water? Nothing to a sad extent of the animal dying from neglect which would be horrible, but maybe they slow down or don't do as much unless they're well fed and healthy.

I don't have one, as an fyi, though I agree letting them escort might be nice for faster characters. Consider it like jogging with your doggo!

Totally down for that as well as feeding beandip! Hell let's throw a doggy bath option in there too!
Ressurecting this for a couple reasons. One, following can bug out entering places with a door charge. Two, part of the reason you don't see people with their pets making them living room fixtures is because it's a pain having to wait everywhere. Now that we have stop escorts as a command I see no reason not to make this an option.
Yeah they slow down travel a lot.