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Behavior Mod Chip - Helping the dead.

Ok so, not being able to grapple a dead PC that needs to be shocked seems to be counter productive to a behavior mod chip. Saving a life isn't a crime. So we should be able to grapple a flatlined player to get them to a medical facility.
This thread delves into the topic a good bit.

tl;dr, 'grapple' can't tell intent.

grapple can't tell intent[/b]

I don't see why it couldn't, in this particular situation. Code certainly knows if someone's flatlined. I'm not sure intent matters at all, there. What can someone do to a flatlined character by grappling them that's violent and injurious?

Perhaps just have the chip check if a check is an auto pass (unconscious/dead characters). If that's the case, it doesn't require any violence, and thus a chipped character can do it.
Unconscious and flatlined characters can be dragged to places where they cannot be revived, effectively killing them. This is a violent action with no way to codedly tell the intent.
I don't think dragging a lifeless body really qualifies as violent.

I'd say that it should search for auto-passes in the case of unconscious, dead, or trusting characters, and then make it so any resist attempts automatically pass as well.

I suspect there are a lot of things the chip does not restrict you from doing even though it would technically be a crime or violent without directly entering combat. That's left up to faithful roleplay. If someone with a chip drags a flatlined person somewhere to leave them to die or make it harder for them to be found, then that's obviously kind of going against the theme of the chip.

Let's not forget that reviving and corpse cloning people exists.

You can absolutely use grapple to fuck someone's day over, even if you can't codedly mess with them.

I'd also say that this is more of a learning opportunity than anything else. Once you know you can't use a verb for specific things, it simply becomes an issue of getting assistance instead of trying to do it yourself.

If there was a way to easily add an if conditional for @trust levels to the behavior chip sic to allow grapple, I'd be all for it. But I honestly think that paramedics and others would love stuff to do too, so even if the no touchy chip zaps you, you can involve others.
Like Talon and crash said, there's absolutely offensive ways to drag off a lifeless body and absolutely alternatives if you yourself can't cart someone away to resuscitate them.
I look at this in a technology/theme kind of way. Could your motive be helpful? Yes. Does the Hall care? Probably not. Is chip technology advanced enough to detect your motive? Grey area? Maybe? Better to make sure it's black and white. You can't do xyz at all.

Then that moment comes when you can't help someone in x way for y reason.

You're helpless and there's nothing you can do about it. This is your reality.