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Automatic scars in @nakeds
Pains heals, chicks dig scars...

I always added scars to my @nakeds after my char survived firefights and whatnot, but I think an automated system would be rad, and something that a higher end cyber doc could do corrective surgery to repair for the more "aren't I pretty" types. Basically, it would be the same as the wounds you have in your description after combat, but if not properly healed by a skilled doc, they would fade into "fresh
I like the spirit, but I don't think I can stress enough how much anyone pretty dedicated to combat takes wounds in a fight. Like, the rate this would go at would be honestly insane.
Uhh, continued:

...scars" then "faded scars" over time.

This would be good for the haves vs have-nots theme, and would give another good thing for skilled doctors to do. It would also put a highlighter on the characters who have seen troubled lives, which would make the transfer from mix to corp more interesting both going up and falling down. The cut up mixers would be sneered at going up and the pretty and perfect corpies would slowly loose their shine as the scars accumulate.

It would also solidify the "do scars make it after cloning" debate which has always been a little nebulous for my liking. I'd say the rules should be:

Scars you have when you update stay with you.

Wounds you have when you update come out as scars.

Wounds/scars you take on after an update don't appear on clone.

Corpse-clone results in some char mangling, this could maybe be reflected in a naked as well?

Oh, and chemical burns! Labs and presses blow up should chemical burn you and result in the same kind of burn/scar potential. A chem-jockie running an illegal sketchy underground lab that goes boom should definitely have some scars to prove it, and a high end super corpie chemical doc should be pretty much burn free as a sign of their caliber.

@Kiwi, totally. Gangers would be torn up, but the spirit of the idea would be that if properly treated by a decent Doc, you wouldn't scar up noticeably. So a good check in with Chow would result in a clean slate, but if you go sleep off your four or five .45 wounds, you're gonna get some marks.
As much as possible I think character's @nakeds should be left up to them to tell their own story.

People are welcome to write scars in where it's relevant when they want to, but everyone just being covered in boilerplate messages would detract a lot from thoughtful descriptions.

There's enough to keep track of already without having to worry about removing scars from your skin after every fight.
Even if you only ended up with a single scar from the last cut you took in a fight, it would grow astronomically. Gangers can get into easily three or four fights in a day, so at the end of a busy week you might have 20 to 30 scars -- from a single week!

Rapidly, everyone's nakeds would turn either into 'She has a scar on her head. She has a scar on her head. She has a scar on her head.' or 'Her head is covered with scars. Her neck is covered with scars. Her left shoulder is covered with scars. Her right shoulder is covered with scars.'

That would end up telling less of a story than right now, where you can have a slash across your eye for something famous that happened, you know?

I think this is best left to people fixing their own @nakeds. Some people like to only save specific scars that really mean something to them. Some gangers already have nakeds that show countless scars on their body, indicative of their life. I'm fine with encouraging people to put fight wounds as scars in their @nakeds, but enforcing it seems like it would be clunky and ugly in an @naked.
I do not like the idea of automatic scarring. As some have said, people getting in combat frequently will quickly run out of new places to scar.

FWIW - The few scars I have added to my character have always been after getting corpse cloned. I have always RPed that new clones are clean / blemish free.

Scars should be left up to the individual.
I think most people already do this and it's not really annoying, so I don't see why it would need to be automated.

Getting scars removed by visiting a cyberdoc/ripperdoc/surgeon, though, I wish more people would do that. And to have other 'fluff' procedures done.

+1 to RPing to have a surgeon repair your @nakeds. It's very fulfilling roleplay and doesn't require any strict coding. You're giving RP to an archetype that needs it, too.

Sure you could just edit your @naked yourself but is it really fulfilling to skip that scene in your character's life?

There's a lot of mixed messages about doctors and cosmetic surgery. It's been suggested to me before that all cosmetic surgery has been replaced with biomods, which is unfortunate, especially since biomods lock your nakeds forever.
It's an interesting idea. I think I'm on the fence about it vs. sticking with the current course of manually adding them to @nakeds. At the very least, if something like this were added, I'd suggest that auto-scarring is a %chance to occur. Probably a rather low percentage, considering how advanced medical tech is. Maybe a skilled medic or doc can see at the time of healing if a wound is going to scar, then the victim can decide then and there if they want to pay for further services - basically giving the wound some extra attention to prevent scarring. This seems more manageable, and themely to me, as it implies docs only do the bare minimum to keep people walking. If you want premium care, you better fork over the that premium flash for it.

As for scars sticking on clone death? I say keep it as is. Cloning takes a DNA map to recreate you. Physical scarring is erased because superficial damage doesn't mean damage on the DNA mapping.

Also, consider a doctor who can see a wound is going to scar but chooses not to tell the victim for some reason or other. Could result in some interesting rp.
While I see the appeal of something like this I am firmly in the 'we should leave this up to the individual' camp. I loved the comment someone had about how people like to add scars that mean something to them, and I completely agree with that.