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Adding nooses to the game.
A new creative way to die - or escape.

My idea's pretty simple in theory, maybe harder in execution. Though it probably won't quell the thoughts of those in xooc who think I'm a serial killer

I'd like to see a noose/rope object added to the game.

The purpose is for those who want to try to add a bit more of a dramatic death rather than a 'kill'. I don't want this noose to insta-kill anyone at all. But the idea is to take the functionality of the choking part of the grapple system to put into a noose/rope item that an attacker, probably with a second party to help, could lodge around the neck of a person. And then could use that object to slowly asphyxiate by being able to hang them off the side of a roof, skywalk, ledge or other height, no matter how short or high.

A victim could fight back and escape this just like they could the normal grapple system, and could either try to climb back up the hanging rope to safety or jump down to safety - and risk possibly falling to their death if they chose that route.,

I think this would open up opens for a bit more dramatic flair for some types of deaths and to genuinely be able to dangle your target off the edge of a high ledge and them feel that panic, reinforced by actual code.

There is old cold to hang bodies from rooftops using chains and possibly grappling hooks but I don't think it was ever finished. Its attached to some verbs when you examine roofs.
I didn't know this about the code and if it wasn't finished this would work, using chains rather than actual nooses. I'd love that.
Should make it so that the person's corpse hangs there for a bit too, decomposing and everything until it's taken down. Could be good for making an example of one's enemies.
Yesssssssss! HANG EM ALL!
Rather elegantly illustrating the outcome of implementing lynching gameplay.