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Revealing from clothing desc.
This should be regulated or allowed, as it is *everywhere*.

I keep seeing people reveal literally anyone by clothing, especially due to disguise. I hear this is against the rules but I have seen it at least three times by different people this week. It's getting kinda oddly overdone.

Black hoodie? Blue jeans? Drinks rum? Yeah that's fucking Mike.

Some hooded average mano with a butterfly knife attacked you with blue gloves? Yeah, sounds like Ria.

Can I get an answer on exactly the expectation or perhaps an update on this? I hear it is not allowed but is seemingly incredibly often an occurrence.

In some situations such as voice or the occasional EXTREMELY recognizable @naked, this can be understandable. But I feel this is rarely the case and is even more rarely mentioned. It's just kinda bum to me in general.
I agree with Seir, it sometimes gets to some extreme levels. Peeps have to remember that there are 77m of people in the dome, most of them down in the mix. There literally will be tens of thousands of people meeting any generic description and immie/shelve clothing set.
I am myself bad at considering ambient at times. But if you can't do that at least think about NPCs. If a ganger gets attacked by a ganger with a hood who has a machete, why do people assume it is said ganger when there is an entire street gang known specifically for wearing du wear and using machetes?
If you feel you've been unfairly identified, I believe there's xhelp where you can request verification.
Sometimes yes. But that's not the point. It's just so overdone in general.
Gonna toot my own horn here. I think we all meta sometimes. At least a little. But we can all try harder to respect disguises and ambient population. I the thread below I mentioned how I personally approach disguises. Maybe this will help others. The post I am referring to is near the bottom of the thread.

Thanks for bringing this up. It is a concern of mine. Currently my character does not run around disguised due to lacking gloves. As a player, I'm concerned that someone is going to do exactly what Seir mentioned. "Ooohhh, I've seen those hand @nakeds before, it's obviously (Hek's character)!"
Somewhat related; saying you recognize someone from their voice on the SIC.
My 2 chyen on this.

Yes, this has happened and will probably keep happening to some degree.

That being said, I think the changes to how disguise works+NPC with disguises+players learning to imitate NPC for camouflage has improved things quite a bit.

The gloves thing? Disregard it, or work around it if you really think its a factor. For example, an old character of mine didn't have hand @nakeds because their hands where either always covered or inside their pockets. However, being able to differentiate NPCs from PCs because of the gloves is meta.

If X person has been seen and made wearing disguise A (mustard poncho), it is viable that you would get jumpy if you saw someone in the street wearing disguise A, but that doesn't mean person X is actually under that. At the same time, you could use this to frame people, you wear disguise A and people might think you are person X.

There are various quality of disguises and degrees of skill, as of the current build if you are good enough getting made is rather tough.

On a related note, I am more annoyed at the ludicrous and immersion breaking IC term coined as 'alias hopping' which is a clear result of people smallworlding and being meta. Unless you are actually the tools for it, SIC should remain anonymous.

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