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Wait a minute...
Don't laugh at me... I know it's easy...

label "begining"
tell %player "Hello!"
jump "begining"

Wait.... Does that imply that we can test our scripts in the game? (Don't laugh, I just started helping with this whole thing...)

The whole notion of seeing instead of imagining makes the whole idea sound even more fun than it did before...


Absolutely you can. Just ask for access, and when you've got something that passes the parse test, let me know and I'll run it for you.


Ok Kev...quick and probly stupid question...

After my script passed the error test thing, did you ever test it otherwise? I kinda forgot about it and just let it sit. I really should get to work writing more scripts. According to this board, there's much to be scripted.

I'm out.

Damn short term memory....

Refresh my memory (over BgBB messanger or email) who your charcater is now... I'll get right on it.